Fix Treasure Hunt Phase

I know this topic has been brought up several times. I just think as players we should keep advocating for game improvement and I believe this is a way that PG could very easily improve the game. Even if it’s as simple as, adding in a small chance to get a runic chest that would contain a legendary or mythic rune. It would be so simple for them to do that and would make Wednesday’s more interesting and fun. That’s just one idea, but just something to justify calling it a “Treasure Hunt”. If players band together on this I think it’s a simple fix we could make happen.


How many 24 hour timers have you gotten from monuments? :joy::joy:

Be more specific on chance!

Edit clarification

Good point, I really don’t know what the percentage would be it’s just an idea.

I get a gold chest ever once in a while… maybe once a month or so. Don’t pay too much attention cause it’s usually crap… haha all adds up over time for sure tho!

As far as bronze chests go, I think I average 2 per run doing atlas invaders or long bases classified as “challenging”. Problem is to get it to add up you need to spend quite some time doing runs…

Perhaps if there was a bonus like the exp every day for dragons… if we had increase chance of legendary drops for the first 5-10 runs of the day?

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That’s an interesting thought.

i see a treasure hunt phase as a cool down period. Just ignore it if you want. Not worth grinding those chests.


I agree. At this point it is worth ignoring

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I think it just gets harder and harder to get chests as you move up through the levels. My alt gets 2-3 chests per invader run, my main gets a chest every 2-3 runs on invader

I did get one a few weeks ago :+1:t2:

May be they should change name like relax or crapy day . Don’t see any advantage of treasure hunt if there is no any decent chest drops. Treasure hut means to gather all required items for events I think. Or MI wrong?:rage:


Double chest drop Wednesdays :slight_smile:


This should be an easy one for PG. Either bump of the chest drop rate OR rename it to “Take Today Off” or something.


Why do we get only 1 chest on 4 energy runs but actually have multiple drops on same runs? Any thoughts???

Different drops.
Battle result and Monument drop. Therefore, you get from both source…

Oh ok than that’s pretty good but on result screen shows only 1 that’s why I was pretty pissed. Thx for info🤩

Anything on results screen is in addition to anything you see drop during the run. E.g. if you see 1 on results screen and 4 during the run you get 5 chests


Nice to know thx

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