Fix Your Junk PG before no-one is left

This game isn’t even fit to play any ore with the hacks or outright cheating allowed in this game . When 1 person is at your castle and are done before you when enfeebled because they are done before you even get a banner. Also when certain unnamed teams can defend and phisically stop your dragons movement or ability to even fire and its known and absolutely nothing being done. Its pathetic. Cater to snippers with delay times nothing but stealing what teams worked years for. Its pathetic and unfair and allowed to continue. You want castle turnovers here is an idea fix the game so it functions properly ban the known cheats who will cry all over this if its even allowed to be posted because god forbid the truth be said out loud .Lets make a huge game change then go on vacation because we know it will piss a ton of people off. Everyone in game knows blocking a turnover by a certain side is gravy just flood the castle with activity and bam nothing counts at all. Oh thats right its delay times stopping that i forgot. Fix it or lock it and quit adding crap that means nothing to jam up game more. We don’t need animation what we all need is the game to function the way its meant to .The help mail ive sent last two weeks I absolutely mean.oh and here is a thought make dragons that do what they are supposed to do warriors are tanks hunters are delicate maticulous dragons not loved by entire game and sorcerer s have very powerful spells like they used to not have to be flown like hunters because you only cater to a certain part of this game . As far as im concerned anymore they can play with them selves because all of this is junk‼️Made for certain people well incase you have t noticed your core players and i mean people that been playing 5 years or more not the ones catering to your wallet are leaving everyday and im not far behind them with all three of my teams. ‘


Oh and add to that the cost keeps getting higher and payouts crappier

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Geez man, breathe…


I agree with you that the prices are getting really high. The payouts have been decent, but could use an upgrade (think there was a prize of a legendary archer attack at one point). PG says they will work on what they can in the poll released.
BUT if the game upsets you that much you can take a small leave or quit entirely.

Blockades? They’ve already made adjustments to that. And they have said they can work on new features and improve older features simultaneously — in other words, they can multitask (as stated by Galileo before).


An effect of tightening the grip of monetization ?
Deep breaths everyone🤪
Let’s see how they offset the inflation before we start passing out torches

I already have my torch.

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You might get better results if you try rephrasing your original post with a usable suggestion. You basically just made a list of all the things you don’t like with no recommendation on how to improve it.


Its all of it i. All the time ive been playing this and its not as long as some nothing gets better it gets worse and the form letters are not cutting it anymore Fix it so fair for all or lock it till you do . Im sick and tired of wasted time and rss to be cheated out out of it for things they have known about way to long three friends disbanned their teams last week and many before them and it crosses my mind to kill me and my wives 3 teams everyday

I dont write code or make the rules but help box changes nothing there is the concerns in public view now lets see what they do about it their earnings every year are in public view to be putting up with the junk this has become

What specifically are you having problems with right now?


Everything he mentioned has been going on for YEARS so why does it matter what he’s having trouble with right now?

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You don’t have to write code though. Pick a problem you’re having and and give a suggestion on how you’d like it to be fixed or improved. It will help spark more meaningful discussion.


I find that yelling louder gets you banned from the forums which works out better :joy:.

Miss you Ang :kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Let’s be honest, most of the players that “worked” for those castles don’t even play the game anymore. And half of them were given, traded, or even purchased nowadays. There aren’t many left that actually “worked” for what they have.

Lupin and Sepulla were great sorcerers, even Talariok is good. Not sure what’s wrong there.
Quasar and Lockjaw are impeccable warriors.
If anything, they’re actually putting a lot more effort into every class, not just hunters.

Most of the discussion on the blockade reduction was positive. I’m sorry you actually have to defend your 297 bubble deep castles now?

This is common on both sides, not just one or the other? [quote=“ChasingChickns, post:1, topic:134159”]
because all of this is junk

As much as I’ve disliked certain changes, PG has actually tried more recently to fix issues and step up than they have in a while, and there is more transparency than we’ve had previously. Idk what more you want.




I am a taco. I am always salty. :taco:


That was meant for the op lol


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