Fix your stuff (team quests broken)

I do not know who to tag on this, or anything.@pgecho @Arelyna

For the second time in as many weekends the team quest just decides to change all on it’s own. Negating everything done after looking at it the first time. Both times it happened after looking at what the new quests were within 30 minutes of them resetting. Going off and doing effort to work on the quests then checking back the same evening and every quest has changed.

It is really a simple thing that the stupid quests should actually work and our time is not wasted on something as poorly conceived as these quests.

In other threads I have seen posts where people are not even getting credit for everything they do requiring more effort than should be. I have experienced this as well, but the resseting of all 3 quests is just completely broken.

I hope it is not asking to much that simple things like this actually work. Stop wasting our time and the worst part of the game.

BTW, I would put this as more important than fixing the annoying persistent notification we have prizes during the event even though that should be an extremely easy fix. Just suggesting appropriate priorities. Your call in the end ofc.


This has happened to me too. I find if I look at them, then log out of event. Then go back in they’ve changed, but then they stay that way. I don’t start my quests until I’ve looked twice.

You are starting your quest 30 mins before they reset then check in later that evening and you’re surprised they reset?! Am I reading that correctly?

No, I think they’re complaining about their quests randomly changing on them after the reset time… it’s happened to me once before too. I was slated for 400 super shots, then it changed to obliterating like 80 bases above a level a lot higher than MsMersy :frowning:

It would appear you are not reading it correctly. It is not possible, and obviously should not be possible, to start the quests before the reset time.

Yes, I have done that since the first time, except tonight. PG is not made up with high school programmers so I hope they can figure out how to make this work properly.

What is funny is I did three runs for one of the quests and got credit for 1. LMAO. Fix your crap PG. This is laughably poor work.

The OP is correct. The quests reset, you go look at them. Then you start your quest, go back in to see they are counting and they’ve changed. But they only seem to change once. Yesterday mine changed from crap to sigils, so not complaining too much :grin:

Thank you for alerting us to this! If you or anyone else on your team has experienced this during the event, please submit a ticket and then please PM me the ticket number.

This is what through me then, as it can mean 30 minutes before resetting, as well as after.

You are mistaken, as I finished my quests 6 mins before reset time.

It appears that enough people had experienced what you were trying to communicate though and I hope it gets fixed for you.

Thanks. Sent1

Considering it is irrelevant if the quests are finished early, they reset at a specific time regardless and you have not properly explained a situation where you have seen them reset early.

Still happening @Arelyna

Thank you for the heads up! I’ll bump this again.

Can I also add that if you finished the quest but forget or have no time to claim the reward before it resets, it’s lost forever. Please make rewards auto claimed. Thanks.


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