Fixing up all the event glitches

Hey all

I know a few are having this same issue when you fly and go around the corners your dragon freeze and the only way to fix it is by swapping, also randomly your dragon suddenly stops when you are flying down Long Islands, this is super detrimental in this event when you are trying to get to 70% with one dragon, when will PG fix these issue, I been playing this game for a long time now and the glitches are getting worse and worse.

Would be nice to be able to show the video but don’t know how to add it here.


This isn’t a new glitch unfortunately. Link to another thread is below. To break the glitch you need to use a cloak-like spell.

Edit: forgot to add that the fix is due in the next app update.


Can’t use cloak on hunters which has a cloak like spell

Use the cloak like spell, like ink blot for quilleth.

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You don’t need to swap in order to break the “stick”. Just use whatever speed-changing spell that dragon has (cloak/dodge/etc) and you’ll be released.