Fixing wars but also maybe more

Putting this as Off Topic for now because it’s not polished enough to go under suggestions. Just want to have a chat with fellow players, maybe on line, about honest ideas for improving war and overall activity on the MAIN GAME side of WD.

This chat has nothing to do with atlas.

If you’d like to join the conversation PM me with your line Id. I think chatting there is easier


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I want only wars from the main game

Ooh ooh! Me, please? :smiley:

Personally, I see wars in main game as a major drain of hammers I could be using in Atlas.
I would much rather have more offensive engagements in Atlas and use my hammers to defend any counters

Do I even have to ask to be added brewy :weary:

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Sir malik you are needed…

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Mal doesn’t line

But he’ll be invited

Send me your line thing I’ll add you

You want in?

Honestly everyone knows my line ID already

I’m brewdaddywd so can just holler at me there and I’ll add you

Think I probably have most of you troublemakers already

mrmonopolywd :heart_eyes_cat: we’re twinzies

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On the other hand, I believe this kind of chat works better here, especially since this one is about improving the game experience (as PG can still observe the progress).

Can still be in General :slightly_smiling_face:. Can also ask the mods if you want

Tbh, I’d start from its pain point, but will listen to the others first


I believe the point is to fine tune an idea without nonsense, then present it as an organized topic here so there’s no noob posts to clutter it so it can be crystal clear for PG.

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Yes this