Flag on atlas map when zoomed out

Sometimes it is hard to find the castle you own that is close to a target. Could you add a flag like thingy on the map so you can spot your teams castles easily when you zoom out. A bit like the shields for lvl 5 castles that are very useless. Change those to shields for owned castles and I might be able to navigate easier.


Or you tap on the tab on the right then castles and just tap on the castle you want to go to. It’s much faster and easier than trying to navigate around the map manually.

That’s not really what the OP is looking for. If you want to stage for an attack or something, it’s quite useful to know which of your castles is nearby. That is not easy to find out currently.


I would love to be able to see something more meaningful on the zoomed-out map. To actually do anything or see anything I’m zoomed in so much that I lose all sense of place unless it’s somewhere I’m very familiar with.

I was gonna make a topic for this and voila someone did it for me!

Seeing the location of your castle in a zoomed out view would be extremely helpful on a daily basis.



In that case just look for the closest safe zone and just set it as home to reload troops and re summon your prim :man_shrugging:

This is one of those common sense things you’d think you didn’t need to ask for.

Unfortunately, common sense isn’t very common :see_no_evil:


I guess some folks don’t use the northern half of the map where there are no safe zones.


Well yeah - I’m not really interested in knowing who owns all those Level 5s. I just want to see my castles when zoomed out.


Well instead of insulting by saying i have no common sense pls tell me how to use neutral in the top half of the atlas map, because there it is only nml. Btw you girls are always so proud of responding to the content of a suggestion, so stick to it pls.

I don’t think the “common sense” comments were even aimed at you…


Obviously pg should do this, is way overdue really, but as a temporarily solution you could deaw a graph of your castles using their coords, and get some idea of where they are.

Thought is not a great solution, and wouls involve using 2 devices, but is it helps me a lot during atlas attacks.

I’m pretty sure the comments were more along the lines of “I can’t believe that we are even having to ask PG to do this because it seems like such a simple thing that would improve life so much, why haven’t they thought of it before?”

(At least that was the intent behind my comment when I responded to @Anduril)

Edit: By which I mean that this is a fantastic suggestion and thank you so much for bringing it up :hugs:


I meant the same as @LizDrakemoor. We actually don’t have an answer for your question other than saying we want the same thing you do.

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Thx both for clearing that up! My bad for responding like that even if i misunderstood :man_shrugging:. Sorry

So Pg show us the flags

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