Flaks and Base Advice

I know this topic has been beaten to death in these forums but I’m having trouble getting a conclusive result on the topic.

On the kill island those are all level 25 towers, except for the ice turret, which is level 24. On the start of the long island those are all level 20 towers, except for the storm (in construction) which will be level 21 in four days. I have 5k embers and will probably claim some more as a prize very soon, which isn’t much for you all but is a pretty good surplus for me :slight_smile:

I’ve been told to drop the cannon tower, which makes sense to me, but I could also put it where that level two totem is in the middle of those farms - I guess it is nice to have something against all these new elemental resists, adaptive flak resists, and elemental barrier type spells, but I don’t know if it is necessary. My kill island is maxed except for that ice turret, so there’s not much I can do there at the moment (I have no ice shards). Knowing that I will probably eventually have another flak, though, as an E2P player, I’m considering building a new one. I’m always den capped, follow Rulith’s Intense check in requirements, and have maxed out farms.

First, given this context, should I build one at all? Second, if so, I’ve ruled out the earth flak, as my storms function beautifully. I’m leaning against a second dark flak because dragons with dark flak resist tend to do a little too well against my base already, and because the electro flak seems to do exactly its job but better. It does enough damage that the difference between the two defenses is insignificant, and pairs well with a secondary flak on that base. I’ve also heard about electro/ice end games, which seems to be a good place to start now :slight_smile: I could also hypothetically go for a fire flak, and get rid of the ice turret on the kill island and put it on the long island. The fire/dark is also pretty popular and it is not hard to see why - I also have some runes for the fire flak, more than any of the other flaks besides dark. Having ice/dark seems cool too but again I’m afraid that with a dark flak resist or once the dark flak is down there really isn’t anything to kill the dragons with now. My base does great up until the dark flak is out, and it seems like my entire defense is broken. I’m not sure if ice is the way to go - the white spells aren’t too bothersome as hammers seem to resolve the more popular choices in Cavaleris and Axi.

What should I do? Thanks :slight_smile:

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I still have a cannon where your totem is at level 93 so I say remove totem and swap with cannon. It seems to break shields that are white pretty well if they get past the kill island. I personally like the dark/fire flak combo and seems to be shooting down everything around my level without a problem. Probably work on maxing two flaks on the kill island if you can for now so that your kill island isn’t so weak.


Well you won’t get conclusive advice from anyone other than don’t do a 2nd dark flak period. I have fire / dark and it works well. I’ve defended team mates with dark / ice and ice/ fire. They all work well :man_shrugging:t2: Not much help I know just don’t do another dark lol


5k embers isn’t enough to consider building a second flak.

Fire/Ice turret (your preference- I personally lean towards fire if the base is often defended when important) + Dark flak should work in the meantime. Level only the 5 towers on your kill such that whenever you meet an xp cap, you build your second flak up slowly to get past them. Once it’s maxed, replace the turret.

Imo fire + dark is the most timeless combination, but dark + electro is pretty valuable for small players as well. Dark + ice is a more endgame/high level combination given the reasons you’ve provided.

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i would suggest this setup. You will have to keep improving Only this 5 towers :wink:
Apophet + Defensive Rider + Dark Gears on Perch is a good choice !! ( also Mythic Warrior is a good choice )
Runes and Glyphs ==> All for HP ( but If u will equip a Warrior, Ice Turret Attack and Cannon Attack are better )

I would not use an ice turret instead of a storm tower. And would not put both damage towers up front to be frozen/disabled either.

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Hey bro where you get that base builder?

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Yeah and don’t the cannons work better in the back since they have slower reload and fire rate.

This is what I’ve got and I’m also E2P.
It drops dragons 90% when defended.
(Platinum team) And stops same level dragons undefended half the time.

you will need about 7100 Embers to level a Flak from 1>20.

I’m E2P and run a dark/fire combo with an ice flak backup on the long island. I went fire gear as Mehaten is the first mythic warrior I would get. Just stuck the highest legendary fire warrior and crafted gear and have been leveling it ever since. If you are short on embers save up some gold chests for fortification. You will find you need a 6th or maybe even 7th tower around the 130s to meet level requirements to uncap your primary kill towers. That was when I went from dark, r mage, b mage, storm, and fire turret to current setup. The ice flak is behind on levels but is a great 6th tower to disable things. Running the math I’ll need to have a 6th tower to get to 300 anyway, so that is when I’ll level the ice flak again.

I’ve been kicking this idea around for a while. Ice flak is only leveled to get to requirements to level 5 primaries. Storm can be healed by farms. Ice flak can disable spells.

That’s a lot of dragons to consider. I assume you mean defense of normal/event attacks? Either way, it’s not a good metric when you don’t specify what sort of dragons you’re dropping 90% of.

This is another poor baseline to draw a comparison from. Most people won’t have a level 20 flak for long, and the real pinch in embers come after, so they should have far more than 7.1k embers before they consider building another one.

Regarding your set up, I typically would not recommend one with both flaks in the first row and no storm, since the storm invincibility is pretty key in dropping the aforementioned 90% of dragons and ice turret hp in comparison is pretty meh, and the flaks are easily disabled by any of the many small-range disable/freeze dragons flying around these days.

@R0oster31 I’d like to try your base, if possible. :slight_smile:

I just made it simple because at his and my level divines are op.
So saying every dragon name is kind if redundant.
Cavaliers, Prospero, Somnus, Gunnar, Hildr, Coatl and Slyphen is a good summeration.

It was @Odin who convinced me to use Fire Flak and Dark Flak in front with Ice Turret combo. Maybe he can explained it better than I.

A more useful metric, for example, would be stating that you can drop divines of xxx tier most of the time. Anyway, it’s a minor nitpick.

Could you try to explain what exactly he said? I’m always open to learning more about new, viable setups, and I’m interested to know how the lack of invincibility can be made up for when facing higher tier opponents, in particular. I can see this possibly being a strong combo with good gear, though, depending on whether the hp buff of the ice turret scales to gear.

It was Kate and several others on here who convinced me to use 2 flaks. I didn’t have any trouble getting embers for my 2 level 26 flaks this season so planning ahead it shouldn’t be hard getting embers till I’m 200. I imagine it’s harder late game but I like many others plan on saving for a while for those.

1-30 Flak costs less than 20k embers.

Again, yes, I agree. :rofl:

I’m just pointing out that one should ideally stock up far more than 7.1k embers, or have resources (like gold chests, and rubies) stocked to make up for any shortfall, just in case.

Forget her. The noob’s been vanished. :thinking:

Watch this video then his 2 after.
The concepts of all of them is what got me to build it this way. I am still building my storm so I’m able to swap any time.

When he talks about fire Flak being crap I think it’s from a long time ago before tower changes. Other videos he recommended fire and dark flaks.
Besides I’m really wanting 2 flaks combo and would have done Ice, Fire and Dark combo if I could afford the embers

If you’re using a microbase layout with a rage drain, consider adding a level 1 ice to the rage drain. Helps a lot.

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Well to be fair mostly all those dragons suck as leads at the same tier except Gunnar. Especially around the 70-100 range when you are able to keep 10 Max level towers with gear.

Encouraging folks to level an ice turret over a storm isn’t good. Sounds like even you are switching over which is a smart move.