Flame achivement for war

So over all war progess is still the same, 250 flames to win
However, some teams have a member with way too high level compare to other members in team. To prevent losing because of this, how about adding a way to gain 1 missing flame, which would allow a team with enough effort can win the war if they can destroy the high level bases with 3 dragons

-Put in an achievement to add only 1 flame on each base that is not having 5 flames at the end of war.

1 flame would give to:

  • 10 people finish 5 flames on higher level base without backup in first attempt
  • finish the war without any member successful back up run more than 3 times
  • 10 people finish 5 flames on higher level base by using only 1 non-divine dragon
  • non atlas team automatically gain 1 flame against atlas team

anyway, they havent even fixed the description of “successful defend”. I doubt to see anything would change in war

Lmao, I personally don’t agree with any of this… but this is just ridiculous, atlas has 0 impact on wars

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Is this serious?? Why not just ask for an “I win” button that you can just pay rubies to activate. Wars are supposed to be tough or they are just boring. Besides what if that other team with the high level does all those same actions for extra flames. You can’t give it to one team and not the other so they’d still win either way. Instead go out and recruit some higher level players to help with tougher bases.

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you get the wrong idea, it not 250 + 1 flame, the total amount is still 250.
this just give the team a way to defeat the base with 3 dragons instead of 2
like we get 245 flame and 4 flame on the base then 1 flame will be add in. if we can get 250 flames, nothing will be added

i actually put it there to stir people up :joy:

Well to be fair, with the latest +40/+40 gear that everybody now has, there definitely is a distinct advantage to having Atlas. I hate to admit it but it’s becoming unfair for those without, simply due to the gear you can obtain (even just rare or epic gear now has substantial stats which it didn’t use to have). Legendary gear used to give what common gear now gives which is a bit ridiculous.


Or…just win wars your team can win and lose wars you cannot.


Maybe even discard the tie breaking so we can say win the war can win, lose the war cannot and just draw the one that is even.
I just want to know what people think about slightly change of war progress. I dont expect they could be able to change anything.

Am I the only one thinking this is a troll post :thinking:


Just take out hauheset…problem solved.

One.of my friends posted in line chat. Hunter flying all the time is not really good for health in a long run :weary:

Not true. Atlas gear on riders is now a MASSIVE advantage.

Don’t call it massive, unless you’re going to spend massive amounts… in which case you already were used to having such an advantage :joy: it’s noteworthy, we established that

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No no. It’s a big advantage for sure.
My base jumped from 111M to 173M defense power with the buff. So yeah, my L51 dark flak is now about the same as other L54 dark flaks.

My urrent gear adds approximately 3 levels to all of the towers on my base so instead of being a L214 with a L51 and 3x L50 towers, I now have a L54 and 3x L53 towers. And it’s only part way upgraded…

Big advantage trust me


Easy to say when you have the good rider gear.

Easy to complain when you want to say all opinions are based on Atlas vs Not. Please stop assuming my over 3 years of experience as a leader (6 months of which are Atlas) are only valid if I didn’t have Atlas.

My main team (Atlas) is against all Atlas teams.

My alt teams (non Atlas) are against both.

I’m basing it only your cheesy response, and nothing else.

Why don’t you base your response on the proposal in the OP (which I was replying too) rather than what you think I’m responding to or basing my response on.

He is right… having Atlas is a huge advantage (an unfair one even) when in a league that is a mix of atlas and non-atlas teams especially since the gear changes. Also what does your resume have to do with him pointing that out?


Uh. Rulith is in a league where everyone has atlas and MANY have had the time and cash to obtain rider gear. So the comparison of having gear or not and atlas or not is moot and pointless in reguards to Rulith. Cause everyone is in the same playing field.

That being said. It does sound difficult having to compete against teams that have a defense and attack advantage when your team does not.
Many have stated they wish everyone can atlas to even the playing field but obviously that isn’t going to happen any time soon.
TILL THEN. You could do research to determine teams that are of equal strength. Determine if they have atlas. Amp up your practicing on the strong bases. Basically…adapt.
Due to the game changes you have to change.