Flame count during War

During a war why does our opponent have more than triple the points than us when the total flame count is only one or two different

What do you mean by “points”? There are no points in wars, just flame count and defense count.

if you mean defense point, then they are defending against your attacks more than you do.

ya…your team needs to defend…they defended better than you do

I think they even made decoys more recognizable? I think only attacks that count are red.

I apologize for not being clear. The difference between the score and the actual physical count of the flames

I’m sorry you are going to have to clarify what you mean by score.

manual count them.

What you see on the other team (flame score) is your team’s score and vice versa.

It should add up the same.

In the screenshot we have 225 flames according to the score. If I click on the enemy tab (circled) I see their players and see our flames against them. If I add those up, including the free flames gained for empty slots, I end up at the same number.

If you click on the tab of your own team, you will see your own team members and the flames scored by the enemy.

Underneath their team name it says score::fire:196

My team name then underneath score::fire:59.
But when i physically count the number of Flames by each player our team has more flames. But are you saying the 196 is actually our score. Sorry about all of this I’ve only been playing for a few months.

Ok i understand now. Thanks. One more question what’s the deal with the empty slots what are they for and why do they have more

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If you have less than 50 players (the maximum) in your team, the enemy automatically gets 5 flames for free for every player you’re missing. Since they can’t attack a player that doesn’t exist, they get a free win.

So if you have 30 players in your team (20 missing), your enemy will start with 100 flames scored before they even start.

Oh ok. Wow so i guess it’s best to have people who hardly dont play than no players at all. Thanks so much. I will let my team know. None of us knew the anwser.


the higher you go, the stricter it is to having 50 members.

When you reach Sapphire or even at platinum, once you have 49 members, a lot of team will take this advantage and declare on you.

Welcome to wardragons . :hugs:

It is a shame there’s no minimum level to be able to start your own team. Maybe level 75 or higher should be a minimum. As the OP said no one knew on the whole team what was going on in the most basic part of the whole game!
Not trying to be condescending, sorry if it came across like that…
It would reduce a huge number of pointless teams and probably increase PG revenue as players actually learn the game rather than get bored not knowing what to do. Some will spend…

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