Flashing Banner


Ok I don’t normally write a lot here but come on now.
We know there is an event there are only two days a week that don’t.

Why, oh why, do you have to keep flashing a banner at us to remind us.

Please let it go the icon is enough.



I also am in the same camp as you. That said, in our experiments when we removing the flashing banner, a large percentage of players stop don’t realize there is an event going on and don’t play events.


Can you not make the event icon flash instead of a big banner?


@TheBULLDOG We tried that and it didn’t work as well the banner. Basically the banner is big and annoying because it works — when it doesn’t look like a huge “LOOK AT ME” then fewer players will play in events.


Even quicker fix and best all round, no matter the event, bring the island up.


Basically people are dumb. I work in a digital business and experience the same thing. Big and bold = lots of clicks. Especially in a relatively cluttered interface like this game it is important for things to be called out.

If we actually dialed down the UI further (the orange still hurts my eyes) then a more subtle option may work but with at least 5-6 things calling out for attention everytime someone logs in, a banner is required to draw attention.


Well many thanks for you comments, bit surprised I got any replies really.

Well if no banner means less players play the event, we will never lose it, don’t want to hurt PG.


Why not add a toggle in the settings. Then people have the option to turn it off.


I have to agree with Bulldog. That damn thing is annoying. I would rather have the island pop up for each event


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