FlashingDragon Wants You!

Looking for an active Dragon or two to join us. Must enjoy Flashing others and Y’know, all the normal crap everyone wants from a teammate :laughing:

Plat 2 currently, placed 3rd in KotH, extremely close to taking 2nd. Can help you get strong, make your base boom and train those dragons. All we really ask is you are active and dont screw us over… :laughing:

Get over here before the event starts!

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Very active player. Currently in a great team, but my play time is limited to assigned times and tasks only. I really would like to play more. Grow more. Become stronger. Etc. My team is built of good people. But they all seem to know each other from back in the day. Anyway, I just want a good team to be very active with and contribute.
Thanks for your consideration

I can say I joined this team and couldn’t be happier unless they start handing out free adult beverages. :beer:

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