Flight path planning

To improve the attacks and enjoyment, would it be possible to have 3 or 4 preplanned flight paths which could be selected to enable our selected dragon to best target the most dangerous towers first ect. It would also make bases easier to destroy. Alteration of the target selection, would also allow targeting of the hard targets first. Such as the crystal laser hidden in a position where you know it’s the second or third shot on that area. Which would normally give you an advantage over the attacker, but not against 3 or 4 different flight paths with altered targetting patterns.

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I might move this to the suggestions category.
I really like the idea, especially if it could apply to summons. We will see what the rest of the forums have to say

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I like gist of the dea
If PG isn’t going to change the visuals when flaks are super shotted and sheilds are being spammed, they can do this.
Would be nice if we can mark some towers before attacking so it stands out in a way and we can priortize the towers we marked while flying


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