Fluctuation in points for PvP

So I noticed and I’m sure others have too. The points fluctuate for each team based on acreage owned. That’s all fine and dandy, however I’ve also noticed that when you attack for X amount of points sometimes you end up with less points. Personally I think if you go on a run for 130 points that’s what you should get! You should be locked in for that amount, not less. This is the response I got from support. The way I interpret this is that if 50 people ran an attack on the same team, they will all get less points from their attacks as that teams acreage diminishes. How is fair which is something we are told is high priority, to say a player will get X amount of points in a battle but give them less at the end of it, because other players attacked the same team?

Seems reasonable to me to be honest. Both from a player or a programmer’s perspective.

Thing is that.

Imagine a cake and everyone runs to that cake. Your chance would be to get a 1/16 slice however someone was faster and cut the last slice in two pieces.

You’ll end up with a 1/32 slice whether you like it or not.

Game is the same. If you attack and someone finishes faster with a couple of mega attacks the points will drop when you’re done.

Same applies to raiding. You see 100k food someone is faster than you and you’ll end up with 20k food or less.

Locking food and points in would create an artificial universe where ppl get stuff that’s literally not there.

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I think what the guy said is that

if 50 members did an attack which gives them like 400 points, that’s 20000 acres of land. What if all 50 members used 3 inner fires? that’s 35000 (wrong math earlier lol) acres of land.

If they do what you said they should get, then it will result in that team that they attacked 0 acres of land.

You think someone will have fun if they own 0 acres of land and surely getting the last place.

What if, 10 members did mega attacks on another team. They’ll surely get 45k points instantly.

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Actually I never saw a team doing 10 Megas simultaneously on a specific team nor I saw 50 players who attacked the same time. Not even close to that.

If they would do that their acres would extraordinarily increase and the whole league would attack them till a better target comes up.

In very active leagues you don’t see teams with 0 acres nor teams with 100k acres bc everyone is attacking everyone. It’s a zero gain event. Your team steals 30k acres and loses 30k acres within minutes.

yep, no one in their right mind would perform 10 mega attack on a single team because i think they might have thought that doing that would severely lower the points from 2nd to 10th mega attack.

“It might not be possible to perform that, but it’s not impossible.” :joy::joy::joy:

Still not cool, I see why they did it that way, but still not cool​:pensive::pensive::pensive:

Its WAR, you lose all your acres, well…then you lose them, sorry, don’t cheat peoples points, at least if that’s how they are gonna calculate it, then tell us, or show a breakdown of how points are calculated, like in other pvps, or maybe put the bonus meter back

or coordinate with your team so you’re taking acres from several other teams rather than just one? Just like not everyone attacking the same war target at the same time

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That does nothing for other teams attacking that team though, and besides with points being highest for teams with most acreage everyone is going for that team, so your almost guaranteed to get less points than what it tells you that you will get.

Finish faster :man_shrugging:t2:

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