Flying Haku - best strategies?

Guys, this post/thread is NOT about why hunters are better than warriors.
It is not about proclaiming that one button dragons does not require practice/working brain, nor a suggestion to PG on how to change the spell set.

It IS about how to make a “lemonade” from Haku.
Have you found a certain spell sequence that works best for you?
Are you using Haku on a regular basis, successfully? Which bases are easier to solo?

My experience suggests that Haku is struggling to hit above its level and it is less dependable compared to Cav/Leos.
Maybe I’m missing something in order to uncover its potential.

Please share your thoughts and keep sarcastic remarks to a bare minimum, thanks


I don’t use haku regularly, but when I use I aim always for the blue with damage intensifier (forgot spell name). From there if mages shot I use talisman and after it gets destroyed I just spam shield and damage intensifier again if available and immunity.

If defended though, just aim for storm first with talisman too. As he has a super rage regen the key seems to avoid rage drain and spam spells

Avoid storm + Ice Flak combo…

I guess defended strong kill islands will always be a problem for a “straight” warrior like this, same for Leos or Cav.

Undefended, taking out the blue mage asap to start healing seems like a solid start. I’m still not sure if it’s better to always hold talisman back for mage shots, or if it’s better to take the edge off the first set of flak shots. Defended both tend to come in right from the start actually making it easier (except with good defenders that actually look at the dragon used, but that’s rare).

On a defended island with a storm, a blue mage and an ice flak, I think Haku will always have a big problem. I think for such a setup you should simply consider using someone else.

Not sure how he could do worse than Leos on any base though, with a better damage boost, better healing, and better rage control.


How I fly Haku:

  1. Launch invader
  2. Select Haku from my roster
  3. Wait for run to start
  4. Immediately hit the swap button
  5. Chose a new dragon (usually Hildr) to actually do the invader run

But Haku got kicked from the roster to make room for Estril/Opes. So I don’t even do this much anymore :joy:


Haku is probably the best gold farming dragon out there, why use a shitbucket like Hildr if a shitbucket like Haku has only a fraction of the healing time? Haku can easily clear an invader 3 or 4 tiers up from his evolved tier.


Because I have plenty of healing potions and Hildr I can ignore on the invader run for the most part? I got enough other things to do in the game, being lazy with some of my gold runs is nice :sweat_smile: And with Hildr there’s no need to even swipe, just hit spear salvo a few times to clear what the summon can’t.

To be honest, before feeding starts and Andy vanished (again? :sob:)

  1. Summon Ember, hit 4 towers
  2. Swap, get Haku, quit.

HAKU just plainly sucks …
Not worth the sigil spent on it…

I would do a reverse NERF on it where PG would improve its value.

The only thing of value about HAKU is the key to unlock the Mythic and the prize at 50% off.

Well to each their own, I find warriors lazier since I don’t even look at the screen most of the time, just sweep around a bit and hit a heal every other island or so. And even if I still have a few k, I still prefer not using potions over using them. And I really really hate flying sorcerers.

Once the season and season boost are over, I’m sure my Haku will be rapidly retired.

Well yes, but no more than each and every other legendary divine warrior. And it’s certainly not the worst, Gladicus and Jarl were far more hopeless.

And this is why Hildr and UVS are my ultimate lazy invader dragons because even that much isn’t required. Just hit one spell (spear salvo for Hildr and time stop for UVS) every so often and boom, done. With the other method there is a chance you’ll miss a tower if you don’t pay a bit more attention.

A buff? Lol

Best advice when flying defended is have summon so it can absorb the ice flak shot and red mage shot, then talisman the blue mage and use rampage to kill towers. It’s probably worth to wait to use your shield until after rampage has run a little bit bc when rampage is on cd, the drag is incredibly weak, so having that shield during his vulnerable period will save him even if he can’t kill the tower.

Other than that, it’s a discount drag :man_shrugging:t3:


Well so were Gunnar and Necryx :grin:

But then again, so was Coatl, so I guess we can say they vary in quality a bit…

Let’s not forget the one that lead them all: abraxxas :rofl:


Top 3 Haku flying strategies:

  1. Don’t

  2. Don’t

  3. Don’t

All joking aside, I claimed him for the discount prizes, and after that I use him for the “follow teammates to hoard exp in advance of feeding event” type flying. That’s about all I can recommend.

His spellset is just straight WEAK. Warriors have a tough time to start with, and he’s worse than most.

In some ways, I’m glad that he sucks because I don’t have to mothball another dragon that I like in order to make room for him. Choice to sit Haku on the bench is easy easy easy.

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Congrats to those two. I love to fly them on invader. I always hoped Haku gets viable eventually, but I guess this is yet another straightforward warrior. Only tactic is brute force as described and hope you do not die on kill.


I didn’t really enjoy testing that one (I dislike flying about 98% of warriors :sweat_smile:) so it’s not a great hardship never to use Haku. Heck, I never used Cav when I got Pathox lol.

Haku compared to Cav is not great, but he does have potential.
I think it really does depend on your roster and your level as to whether he is useful to you. At the moment, I use him for egg grinding and I personally love him for that. Since he heals quickly during the season, I plan on continuing to use him for that purpose.

When I approach an island, I hit rampage and aim for the blue then hit talisman to brace for mage shots and then use the Purifying Aegis. Purifying Aegis is great because it has no cooldown so those bases who haven’t got blues all over the place are easier to fly. I think he is all about strategy and timing.
I am more of a fan of hunters but I like to also fly warriors.

As for defended, he will drop like a sack of potatoes against a well defended and well built base.

Hope you enjoy the lemonade…

P.S.I’m one of those that finds it a little humorous when I can use my misfit dragon to five flame bases higher levels than me.

What makes you say this? Haku has a stronger output than cav, and cav is also vulnerable to ice flaks. Why is haku worse than cav?


Again, I think it’s more to do with level. I don’t run into big bad ice flaks as much. Fire Turrets are always the problem with Cav for me.