Flying Hau and Runes

Good day! I know he is obsolete now and a lot more powerful new dragons have emerged but I just wanna ask how does one fly hau effectively and what runes should I equip him with? Thanks

Not obsolete. And I don’t have him but rage runes :+1::+1:

might’ve overloaded a bit but comes in handy during defended pvp :grinning: (also secondary rage doesn’t need an expert rune/glyph to max out, but I had the rune dust, so…)


Clearly there is too much rune dust available in the game.

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:rofl: Shush, it was before the Great Dust Depression.


We need a (rune) Dust Bowl

Thank you for science and cheeky :+1:

Borrowed time and time shift is a tricky combo :sweat_smile:

Hauheset needs tons of rage. If I were you I’d put 5 mythic rage runes if I had any :joy::joy:

Avoid borrowed time like the plague :eyes: if you can


So I’ve been practicing and can usually ts / round corner / sand blue / rewind - but literally every time I get shot while rewinding - even fire turrets
that would normally have to wind up… What am I doing wrong?

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