Flying primarchs cannot navigate

It’s taking me multiple moves to go a relatively short distance with a clear safe zone path because the route calculation wants to take me through enemy territory.

This is lame. REALLY lame. Please put Move Next back in or fix the route calculation.

I don’t know if it matters that I wasn’t moving to a castle owned by my team. Moving all the way back home was a one click deal. So it works sometimes. But man… I had to do like 5 moves to keep it from cutting through enemy lands and navigate around an S turn.

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Are you moving to a safe zone destination? If not try going to the closest safe zone square first.

If that doesn’t work, I would suggest you put in a ticket with specifics on where you are going from and to.

No, I was going to a castle, but it’s right next to the safe zone. Good suggestion, though, I’ll give it a shot.

I don’t log tickets with bugs anymore. Support doesn’t handle bug reports very well.

Update: to safe zone works, so that’s the trick I guess.

It’s really difficult to find some areas because the redraw is insanely slow… at least for the castles and names to draw.

The route is not supposed to allow passage through enemy territory. Where are your origin and destination points?

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It’s because it’s not a “flying primarch” at all.

It’s a “hopping primarch” and it’s not working.

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