Flying Primarchs

This feels like another one of those where it was good on paper…and then when it was executed it is failing short. With a reduction in passage you still cannot move around effectively. I feel like it is still missing something overall. But right now movement is not really better, it is still broken, just in a different manner


Could you give some examples of this not working as you’d expect so we can get a better sense of where the problems lie? An idea of your territory control along with how your Allied teams’ territory is set up would be helpful too. Part of the mechanic also involves getting to a castle that’s adjacent to the first hostile castle in your path, and then planning your moves from there. If that’s not obvious, we’d want to understand why.

Right now it’s PvP, so sparkle shields are up.

Why is this hindering our movement through enemy territories in which we used to be able to randomly just select then move there?

You cant just set a point and move. If there is a castle inbetween blocking, you have to move to each castle one by one for however many are in your path. And that’s with the PvP shield being up.

For the most part you have two options, take quality land or take quantities of land. If you take quality you do not have the ability to spread out because you are concentrated. Thus, movement is almost impossible as you have to use the neutral zones or teams can give you passage.

The problem that has maybe not been apparent. What to do with teams that are neither allied nor hostile? They simply exist too and are in the path of where you are trying to go. Before you used to be able to grant passage and people were on their way. Not the most elegant solution but eh, it worked. You have now limited passage to 2 teams PER Alliance. So before teams used to be able to say grant passage to multiple teams in multiple zones…now it is 2 and for 5 teams. This means you either cannot go or you HAVE to attack that team to force a bubble so you can move on.

Also, you are removing team portals…so you HAVE to transit the long way now…which means you must pass through considerably more areas as well. Overall, the ability to move is hugely restricted.

You tell me @PGEggToken who is more likely to lose from this current scenario, a reinforced level 5 with a leveled fort? or the team with a level 2 island and a level 1 fort who just took it and their biggest “offense” was they just happened to be in the path of the objective?

The biggest problem the map currently has…it SHOULD be built more like an atom…with people existing in clusters that ARE NOT right next to each other with open space for both travel and probably some minor combat and ideally some ways to gain rss that populate randomly? But instead the whole game is suddenly forced right next to each other. If you ever want to see how well this works, please look at the history of Africa. You will see just how unnecessarily bloody things get.

I digress though, the new solution does not allow people to move freely and has forced a choice. Don’t move or attack that which is in your way, No other option really. This combined with the horrific execution of teams troops took Atlas from being possibly good and something people could enjoy to something people will learn to disdain as the cons will outweigh the pros I believe.

Hopefully this novel helps explain a bit and give a little insight.


We already discussed the problems with this limited safe passage before the update. Or I ranted about it. Whichever you prefer. I don’t know how the hell teams are supposed to hold land that isn’t adjacent anymore. The way things are now you need every single territory to have a path to neutral in order to move anywhere. High level territory is ringed by lower level territory. Only strong teams are gonna be able to hold the high level land. Previously they could set up portals between their different areas and leave their neighbors alone but now each area is going to need a connection to neutral. Who owns the land surrounding high level land? Smaller teams. Either they fight with their alliance for one of the very limited free passage slots or they get run out of their home. Same thing if someone wants to contest the high level land except then if you give passage to either team the other one will want your head on a plate :rofl:

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PGDave mentioned discussion on this issue here:

This is not just a top team issue, we have 3 lands that are boxed in with 6 different teams and they are friendly with us but not allies, they already used up their 2 passages to teams outside of their alliance so we are completly closed off from safe zone. We can ask for passage sure but they will have to reverse to their original passage to other teams right away after we pass, and we have to wait till management to be on line to grant the passage. You wanted high combat high activity atlas, this is taking a step back. Why make passage universal to all castles to begin with? The previous method works when team can grant passage to individual castles. Why is it necessary to change that method to begin with?

PG wants you to kill the team(s) which stand between you and your destination.
Expect carnage.

ya…I am not going to fight with the neighbours that we built a relationship on because PG wants to force us to…see how fast we all gonna quit atlas and call it a day LOL

Not yet. There is potential.

with the new level 35 towers on level 3 lands in the AI bases ( if you maxed the fort), this is adding icing on the cake LMAO

I’m giving up. You can just try and be positive for so long and if warnings from weeks ago gets ignored NOTHING will change.

One of the options is to make friends/allies and share space via free passage. Fighting is just one option, fwiw. Plenty of tweaking left to make this all work well, but we’re listening!

Gotta get new neighbors then! Jk…well sort of.

To be fair you guys weren’t really doing much anyways.

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