Flying Solarius Tips

Any tips on how to fly Solarius? I thought I could when he was lv40 LOL But now rolled back to lv29 I do 40% at best on maxed out bases. I keep crashing. I keep losing my Blazing Wrath shield despite avoiding Howis. I don’t know what towers to prioritise anymore… any tips are hugely appreciated. Thanks!

It depends a bit on how much damage you deal. If you have higher dps for example, blue mages become less of a priority because you’re not in dire need of the ammo regeneration spell. If you were to attempt a run with low dps though, blue mages need to go down quick or be trapped so you can get the extra ammo from the blue spell and kill towers before they destroy your shield.

In general make sure to use double spots for ammo and deathgaze in order to kill towers more efficiently.
And can you maybe post a video so we can see exactly what you’re doing and how it might be improved? :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for your help. But I don’t understand this sentence at all.

Aim in between two towers so you need only 1 ammo stream for 2 towers. Or aim the deathgaze spell between 2 tower to kill them both with one spell use. Doesn’t work on all spots but there are quite many on the entire map. Very useful skill, not just for hunters


Oh by Death Gaze do you mean the Sun Blast spell…didn’t compute at first :smile: The Sun Blast spell is described as only hitting one tower though so I’ve never tried hitting between two

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By deathgaze I usually mean the spell on a dragon that can kill towers in one hit. In this case sun blast yes. The radius of sun blast is 3.3, that’s big enough to kill 2 or even 3 towers on some occasions.

My dps is 681M. What tower order should I prioritise. I’ve tried shield first and blue mage first but I always end up dead because either Howi or ice flak breaks my Blazing Wrath shield and without it Solarius just can’t kill a tower fast enough

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Generally, I’d advise to kill 2 towers on the front with sun blast and then quickly kill the most threatning towers (orrery bc shield, ice flak, blue mage) with ammo. Depending on what’s left you can trap or use ammo regeneration to spam down the rest. Ofc you have to cloak when you approach the island in order to avoid supershots. Make sure to cloak before shields go off (and preferably kill the shield tower before the cloak runs out) otherwise shields will activate and steal precious time from your cloaking duration.

Also @Imperivm92 has a good run on youtube that you can watch to get an idea of how a defended approach could look like


I just tested Sun Blast radius on multiple invader runs. Sun Blast only kills one tower and it must be a direct hit. If you hit just a radius then not a single tower gets hit. I tried this on multiple spots.

Invader is no the best option to learn double spots as the old towers (cannon, archer etc.) have smaller hitboxes which makes it harder to hit. Couple of examples for regular multispots here:

Back right + perch on island 6

Front left + middle on island 6 (with ammo)

Front three on island 4

Front right + middle on island 3

Front right + middle on island 2


Thanks for all your effort. I’ll give it a try

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This is quite old but it shows multiple double spots with legacy towers which have smaller hitboxes than more recent towers. I hope it can help you


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