Flying Tips? (Gunnar, Scorpa, Dreth)

Hey, if anyone has any idea how I could fly any of the following dragons, that’d be great. I just want to improve my flying skills before reaching level 100 next fort event (level 97)…

Scorpa: What I do is use Caustic Spines, then use all my ammo in a triple-tap, then enshroud (I have the enshroud rune as well) then use adaptive resist and move on to the next island and either do the same thing… or if I know the towers are weak, I proceed to the triple-tap, then enshroud, then double tap the back two towers. Is this a good strategy?

Gunnar: I use Snowblind and triple-tap the front three towers, cloak, then use Snowblind again on the top two towers. After that, I pre-place the Hunter’s Mark and it’s already there for when I arrive at the next island. Helpful for if there’s a red mage on that island and I need some extra health/rage.

Dreth: To be honest, my Dreth flying is a mess, so this is the one I need the most pointers on :joy:… what I do is I use the Magic Barrier, then I Whirlpool the red mage, then I use sandblast and kill whatever’s left. Sometimes, I’ll Whirlpool the red mage, then use Hydrostrike on the most damage-dealing tower, THEN sandblast and finish off with a swipe attack. Is this a good strategy for Dreth? If not, how can I improve it?

With Gunnar, use snowblind defensively to keep any dangerous towers from hitting you (so, one tap each) then use remaining ammo to kill priorities and cloak to regain ammo. Use marks to store rage and health for future use. One cool thing that I can’t do with perfect reliability is to mark a tower after killing it. How to fly Gunnar

Shivenzo does great things with Scorpa in his videos.

With dreth, you can use the fact that hydro flies faster than whirlpool which flies faster than sand to speed up his combos. How to fly Ronin / Dreth

e: I am not a good flyer, these are just incremental improvement suggestions and nods towards others’ advice. Also, consider putting the names of the dragons in your thread subject to make it easier to find for future searchers?


Okay, thanks. And done :slight_smile:

Here is a video that has some Gunnar footage to demonstrate some of the things mentioned above :slight_smile:



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