Fomhar Bug with Lockdown?

Fomhar’s lockdown seems to disable everything correctly except Fire Turret’s Super Shot? You can fly around the corner against a non-defended base and use lockdown instantly, except the Fire Turret will still charge up while locked down and activate the super shot.

Is this intended behavior, or should it stop in its tracks similar to sand.

That’s not a super shot, and that effect happens with every disable spell… you have to be quick, the super shot is the stream

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I see, ty for clearing that up. However you’re saying if you super quick you can stop the basic fireball attack too?

You can only stop the fireball if you entrap the fire turret before it starts it’s firing motion.


I noticed that and I still believe it’s a senseless behavior… Like you said, entrap (or lockdown) disables everything but Fire Turret’s fireball, however other spells like desiccating sand or freeze do stop it. I’d love to read a PG statement about that, any thoughts on this @PGCrisis ?

Vanish will deactivate the fireball when launched at you so if you kill any blue mages you can quickly vanish to prevent damage from that and then kill the fire turret

yes if you cast it at a precise moment

Sand doesnt stop any attack in moment. if the sand hit after the fire turret begin to charge, be expect a fire ball come in

Yeah but it stops the fire turret from charging, entrap doesn’t.


Fire turrets basis shot will fire regardless of being disabled or the dragon entering stealth if it has started charging up that attack.

Personally it seems to be a bug @PGCoffee might be able to shed some light on that.

In the meantime, if you enfeeble a fire turret and you it is still acting up then keep killing towers until you see the fire turret attack coming at you. Then stealth (Vanish) and it will disappear.

No disable spells stops ANY tower once it begins a windup. This happens with literally every disable spell and every tower in the game. Once it starts its windup, it will finish. It just happens that fireball has a long windup.


What does stop them are freeze and earthquake style spells which are completely different, they freeze towers and projectiles at the same time.

The disable spells definitely work differently than these

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You are right, just checked using Necryx’s desiccating sand to attack a Fire Turret

I’ve been using vanish to dodge the fire turret basic shot, however I was hoping to save it for dodging mage tower super shots. I guess the trick here if it’s not a confirmed bug is the hold of vanish till the last possible second to hopefully also dodge a mage tower supershot.

The OP’s question has already been answered but I will bring up another thing with fomhar. Yesterday during a war attack I had a mission that stated, “Use Entrap 4 times.” I backed someone in war with Spindra with lockdown equipped and used it once. After returning to the home screen, I saw my mission as “1/4.” Is this intended?

I’m not sure if intended but it happens with some similar spells counting for the others egg mission, like earthquake and freeze (unless that’s been fixed)

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I’ve noticed that Havoc counts toward Talon Frenzy missions as well :man_shrugging: :t_rex:

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Using vanish to dodge the mage SS also cancels the windup of the fire turret so you shouldn’t have a trouble dodging both.

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incase you dont know, vanish is also counted in cloak mission

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That’s odd. Runes don’t work unless the name matches exactly… and I’ve never seen a similar spell count for an egg mission before. :thinking: