Fomhar Bug with Lockdown?


Lethal barrier counts for explosive shield. I have a friend on my team who couldn’t figure out why she had an explosive shield mission. She doesn’t play nearly as much as I do so she didn’t know who would have worked for the mission. Turned out she had Sage in the line up, thus the appearance of the explosive shield egg mission.


They’re coded under the same spell, just different parameters

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Same with screech and roar. Similar family. Same reason runes used to work on cousin spells in distant past


For now it does. I wouldn’t count on that staying that way.

Does anyone know what is differnt between vanish and cloak? I can’t for the life of me notice a difference other than the button. I’m guessing differnt duration? It seems identical to me.


Vanish uses 0 rage?


Vanish costs zero rage vs. one rage. It has a shorter duration than Cloak as well as a longer cooldown. I can’t remember the exact numbers. :t_rex:


Using cooldown instead of rage
Oops :flushed:


Guess I never noticed since fomhar rarely isn’t brimming full of rage and the icon looked similar enough to the 1 rage one. Hahahah.



I’m more interested in the nerf to formhar or buff to invader bases that happened with this update.
This morning it took 2 shots per tower to take down the invader towers when I used the damage buff spell for Formhar, but after update it’s now taking 3 shots. Nothing has changed in regards to my level, the runes, or armor in that time. Just the update


I never get specific spell egg missions. I did when i was very low level like 10-30. Wonder why some continue to get them and not others?

Seriously the ONLY egg missions I get are destroy 2/4/6 bases, loot food or lumber and sometimes destroy specific towers like Flaks/Turrets/Cannons.


I get “use death gaze x number of times” a lot, but I tend to keep only a lvl 1 ember in the roster when I’m not actively playing so my egg missions are more likely to be quick and easy ones.


I’ve also noticed my Fomhar is weaker today.

Unsure if they nerfed him, or buffed towers. As some towers on my regular xp base take extra shots to kill today than before the update :\

Something PG left outta the change log I guess.


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