Fomhar reap spell

So, the description says that autumn reap would reap health and rage…but honestly I can’t see a diffrence in rage regain when I activate the spell. Is this a bug or did I get something wrong. Even the spell button looks like it would be rage regain, too.


I guess Autumn reap is Fomhar version of Vampiric touch + attack boost(?)

Agree. Noticed the same.


And here I thought Autumn Reap is Health Gain and Attack Boost.

Rage regenerates faster, that’s it. At least it’s what I think.

Edit: AR heals, boosts attack and rage generates faster.

Edit 2: Gain 85% increased damage and 50% rage generation for a 4 second duration. Restores health by 20% per tower destroyed while active. Spell has a 4 second cooldown. From Crisis‘ post


Same! I see no difference :woman_shrugging:

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Your rage regenerates faster while the spell is activated.
If you get rage drained rage genetation is stopped.

Here is the description of the spell:

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I see a bit of a difference. As stated above, it is (or should be) +50% rage regeneration for the duration of the spell, and that’s exactly what I’ve observed. :man_cartwheeling: :t_rex:

But there is no diffrence in rage Regain. At least no visible one…just watch it, then u realize it, too. 50% should be visible…:wink:

I can tell just fine when I’m looking at it. At first I couldn’t see it but after using the spell for a while it’s visible. :t_rex:

Ok your eyes must be very good :joy: first I thought the shaking of exploding towers is a rage gain. But at my game there is absolute 0 diffrence. I still like that drag!

Rage regeneration rate changes in the duration of atumn’s reap, which lasts the complete duration of atumn’s reap spell.
Rage doesn’t regenerate per tower killed. I think you are getting confused here :wink:

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Like @hellraptor said the rage generation is faster whrn the spell is active. Try it you will see it generates faster than when the spell wasn’t active.

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Can you make 2 videos of normal rage regen and the rage regen while the spell is active then put them side by side to clear the myth?

I’m going to stop you all right now… it was Aliens

I can try to do so and send the link by tomorrow.

Oh well the things that i have on my phone to edit a video dosen’t show the better generation.
You can try and see by yourself drain your rage to 1 and then see how much time it takes to give you back 2 rage bars then use autaum’s reap and do the same test you will see the difference.

The effect is quite noticeable. Base time to regen 1 bar of rage (on a dragon with no runes, no rage regen-enhancing abilities, etc.) is 7s. Time to regen 1 bar with reap on (and no rage runes) is a little less than 4.5s (only possible to test if you’ve got reap runes but no rage runes on him yet). .

The basic function of this is to reduce the net cost of Reap if you don’t get drained and it doesn’t get canceled before the end of its natural duration. For runeless Fomhar, it’s a cost reduction of about 0.35 rage = 1.65 rage total cost; with 3 maxed seasonal runes, it’s about 0.59 rage = 1.41 rage total cost.

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