Fomhar resist issue

Made a new thread because I think it was thrown in the real thread and is easily lost. Fomhar has the wrong resist in game. Ice flak is terrible compared to ice turret, please can we get a quick fix? @PGJared @PGEggToken @PGCrisis

Note, I haven’t seen a dedicated post to get attention for this, so close it I missed one that already exists

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I think it’s known and being addressed :blush: I noticed that this morning too

I hope you’re right, I’ve seen them change resist pretty quickly before :see_no_evil: and I’m sure you can agree resisting an ice flak is a great way to die on most bases (flashbacks to snowdrop)

Snowdrop doesn’t have Ice Flak resist. That Flak wasn’t even released then…

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I was referring to the quick change from storm resist to ice turret, because the player base was extremely disappointed… but anyway, the fix was put through just before event start :grimacing:

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