Fomhar’s Autumn’s Reap Spell

A few times I have attacked with Fomhar and after using Autumn’s Reap against an active defender the game would suddenly lag causing the Reap to expire during the lag. Can a defender intentionally cause a lag to do this?


I don’t think the spells actually expire during the lag, although the visual countdown on the spell keeps on going. I know this is true because it’s happened while flying Hau in time shift. The lag caused the time shift icon to run out, but when the attack finally continued, Hau wasn’t immediately kicked out of the time shift.

I really wish they’d find some way for the spell countdown indicator to pause when the game freezes up because of freaking defenders.


That happens with every duration spell when it lags during battles. It shouldn’t actually expire prematurely though, only the visual countdown of the spell should be affected. In otherwords, you still should be firing empowered shots from reap, but the timer on your reap spell kinda goes away until it fully resets. Hau is a lot of fun when this happens…


I hate it when you end up flying timeshifted blind :joy::joy:

I guess we should rewind… now! Then! Agh!

Rewind too soon and it could be problematic, wait too long and you probably just shot yourself in the foot and Hau gets murdered by the base a few moments later when the time shift runs out on its own…

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