Fomhar’s Entrap lagging

Anyone having issue when rounding an island and throwing Entrap spell on towers there is a delay? This is causing some serious damage…

Most lockdown spells have that effect, you need to fire when the dragon is in range

Yeah. Fire them when you complete the turn and you’ll be fine. Cast it too early and it won’t work. Kinda sucks but oh well :neutral_face:

Edit: Can be fired juuuuust before completing the turn as @Lutrus pointed out :grin: :t_rex:

Just before you complete the turn*

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Really? I haven’t had luck on casting early at all. Hmm I’ll keep trying :thinking: :t_rex:

It’s like just before completing it. Like your spells almost lock in place.

Damn it’s like a fraction of a second early but I’ve nailed it a few times. Thanks for the info. Gotta keep practicing :+1: :t_rex:

I’ve found that if I fire too early, while still in the tail end of the turn, it shoots a regular tap attack shot rather than the spell. The spell remains still queued up and everything. Tap again and it fires the spell and locks things down as it should. This is a really weird effect. I’ll see if I can upload a video of it.

But it fools me because I THINK it fired, but it didn’t and I take 1-2 seconds of damage before my dumb self realizes it.

For kill islands, especially defended ones, 1-2 seconds might as well be a year.

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Yeah that’s what happens to me too :confounded: I’ll think that it went off succesfully, go to tap another tower, and entrap that one instead while a flak or whatever shoots at me :t_rex:

Sometime I got carried away, I automatically shot in the middle front expecting 3 towers to be entrap. Problem is there was no middle tower :see_no_evil::joy::joy:

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I seem to have the problem mainly on the furthest single island from the base. Can’t remember what it’s called but has the temple monument.
Regularly just fucks the whole run up especially with D. All other turns I do not have the problem ever.
Id LOVE this fixed…

Entrap later. Entrap moves very fast, which means you have to entrap later on the turn.

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Yeh I know but that specific turn is different to all the rest… I never have a problem on the others. Never… but every time I have to really concentrate on that 1 turn especially if a kill island or defenders

Not sure why but first small island give me 1000000x more problems than any other turn. Other turns, cake.

Same here :thinking: :t_rex:

It’s bc it’s the one turn where you can see the towers for the longest on the turn, and so if you’re used to a time of when you see the towers till when you entrap, that island is definitely going to through you off. Just wait until you practically face, and then cast entrap and let off vanish :+1:t3:


I remember when emerald was top tier… that was the turn to make or break a ferga flying :joy:

Yeh i know but it’s very frustrating still

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