Fomhar vs. Aibrean

I got Aib during his discount up to his platinum stone, but after seeing Fomhar’s spellset I’m considering switching dragon mid-season. It’d be great to hear some advice from those of you who do have him already- is he any good? Or would I be better off sticking to Aibrean? Or is Samhrad a dark horse and better than expected?


Could you let us know what tier you’re in? What about the dragons on your roster now?


Im wondering the same thing. Im at the same point and a lvl 49 working on green tier dragons.

If you’re in green, get both to sapphire stone.

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Fomhar takes a lot of skill to fly, and I wouldn’t suggest him to the following:

  1. People who have Necryx and struggle a little
  2. People below gold tier who don’t fly hunters often
  3. People who don’t fly a lot
  4. People with slower reflexes

That’s a pretty good assessment. Fomhar is excellent but not exactly easy.

So if someone is good with hunters and in sapphire tier, which hunter is better this season? Aibrean or Fomhar?

Depends on the need and the skill.

Fomhar. Sekhem can fill aibrean’s role

I think you guys at the GPF made crisis able to make fomhar look easy :joy: or she just had hidden skills no one picked up on… also a pretty quick study, the way she got better every run

Undefended, he’s easy. Defended against strong bases is what makes him fun

I’m in green tier at level 57, and will be breeding gold in my next breed. I have Ettin, Amarok, Equestor, Aibrean, Leos and Enki in my roster at my moment. 60% of the time I can dodge flak shots with Ettin if the blue mage is in the back and I can pretty reliably kill the front three towers with Chaos on Aibrean. I like hunters, so I hope that Fomhar will make sense as an addition to my roster :slight_smile:

I was thinking of either getting a new dragon to Platinum, then seeing if I could get my favourite of the two to sapphire, or just getting Aibrean as far as I could for the rewards, so I guess I’ll wait and see then :–)

Well hey lol, plenty of practice to be done if that’s the case… hard without defenders would mean impossible with them :joy:

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I got Fomhar with Oksana…they mesh well and he’s is a joy to fly.

That’s exactly the answer I needed. Thx

Edit… and they both hatched today :+1:

Fomhar is much better at attacking above your level than Aibrean, which is a relevant comparative advantage for you, because there are a lot of people above your level who you probably want to attack!

You will be hit pretty hard by the single glaring flaw in an otherwise well-designed dragon, viz. that PG decided to make Vanish only unlock at level 10. Also, this season they pushed back divine level 10 to require player level 84, meaning that for your next 26 levels (1.5-3.5 months), you will have a hunter who’s designed to rely on cloak but who has no cloak. He’s strong enough that you will actually be fine against undefended bases despite this. (I checked mine, and at your level he could solo 80s and set up 100s, which seems pretty good.) Defended bases will wreck you. He’s extremely dependent on rage, and Vanish is both your method of dodging rage drain and your method of surviving to regain rage if you get drained below 1.

I think he’d be a fine addition to your roster.


I actually got Fomhar last night before I saw your comment…and he’s pretty great! He’s level 2 right now and he can take out level 60s, sometimes badly built 65s (boosted, obviously, because I’m nowhere near god-level at flying). The only issue I have with him at the moment is using him like Aibrean- casting Entrap on the first three towers once the turn is done (or trying to cast it too early) and then using Reap on the front three entrapped towers instead of the back. That’ll take a while to get used to. While I can reliably hit three (and sometimes 4!!) towers at once with Entrap the only big issue is trying to decide where to put entrap when there’s two blue towers and a flak on the same island…where I die.

Nevertheless, he’s great and I like him a lot :slight_smile:


Still think Aibrean is better :wink: Because of Chaos and Flash !!