Fomhar vs. Aibrean


Actually I dont like flash, I want my cloak spell for hunter back. flash doesnt give me enough time to regenerate energy like cloak, while ice turret hurt aibrean with full damage
The only good thing is that aibrean is the hunter of this season so he get a crazy amount of damage compare to other season hunter


Well, here’s my noobish level 58 evaluation (I don’t have the third spell yet so if anyone can evaluate those that’d be great!!):



  1. He’s great if you know how to use three fingers to spam the first three towers while turning. I use him to rekt micro-base setups, or at least the kill island. Storm towers don’t have enough time to put up shields before my mighty Aibrean destroys the island’s lynchpin towers :wink: That’s fabulous.
  2. If I’m doing a war attack with a higher level teammate, I can put SR on a monument, depending on where the base starts, and if there’s a rage drain island, I can kill all the mages without losing my follow any rage. Spring’s Renewal is a godsend.
  3. Aib is very, very rage cheap. Just kill a red mage and a tower/ a monument with SR on it and you get a net gain of 1 rage!

Not so great:

  1. He dies on long islands with strong towers at the front, as he has no way to dodge attacks from the middle back :frowning:
  2. Storm tower supershots destroy him on long islands, especially on bases 20-30 levels above me with those high towers…



  1. ENTRAP!!! Trap those mage towers and high damage towers while you recharge ammo~ disable all those mages for an equipped spell to take effect~ entrap a tower at the end of an island to slow yourself down to recharge some of that sweet, sweet rage~
  2. Autumn’s reap recharges rage, gives health boost per tower destroyed, increases damage and is basically improved Vampiric touch, what more could I ask for?
  3. The cool gold-black fireballs he shoots HAHA

Not so great:

  1. He doesn’t have vanish before level 10, as @Tinsir pointed out. For example, if I entrap a charging fire turret, I need to destroy it before it fires that fireball at me or I’m as good as dead on higher bases. Entrap doesn’t stop towers from continuing the attack sequence of the attacks that they were carrying out at the moment of entrapment- if they did, this wouldn’t be such a big issue.
  2. You need to actually have enough rage to activate Reap before you can gain any of that health or rage, mind you. Definitely equip some of those rage runes and glyphs on this dragon if you plan on keeping him with you for a long while.


Okay, it’s 1.30am where I am and if I’ve missed out a few points, please point them out, thanks. Personally, I prefer Fomhar to Aibrean, as I feel that his white Entrap will have a lot of potential when I fully get used to it. Via my calculations, I’ll actually be able to get both to Garnet, which is great, as I won’t have to agonize over getting one dragon over the other. They’re both great dragons, but imo they cater to different playstyles- if you’re considering getting either, you should consider what sort of playstyle you prefer. As always, practice is what makes a dragon good, not the spellset- if you want to git gud at either, practice is the best remedy :slight_smile:

Edit: oh right, and please also feel free to correct me if I’m wrong anywhere. I just started playing last December, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if my evaluations are off the mark.


unless storm is put in front on long island, it wont activate if you use flash to slow the speed down. the only draw back is lack of time to regenerate energy


Seems like level 84 will really be a power-up for my divines, huh…


at 70, the third spell show up but yes, 84 will give an extra boost too


Divines will reach level 10 at 84 for this season, which is when they get the extra spell, I believe, but I could be wrong. Does this mean my Equestor and Leos will be getting their third spells at level 70? That’s great HAHA can’t wait to play with Extract Essence :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s been gradually creeping forward. Fall divines got their third spell at 70, winter divines got theirs at 77, and spring divines get theirs at 84.

It’s the single biggest power up in the game. If you’ve got enough experience, the den upgrade will take your spring divines from level 8 to level 15. In addition to getting their third spell and their resistances, Aibrean and Fomhar upgrade to roughly ~6x the attack power that they had at level 83. It’ll probably feel like you’ve unlocked god mode.

e: The rest of your insights seem on-point. I’d consider going for a rebalance in how you spend sigils, since between garnet and obsidian lie 69 gold chests (75% of the chests in the branch!), and this will have a significant impact on your progress. There’s a good argument for what you’re doing, too; getting the mythic glyphs on both will help you.


Accurate :joy: :t_rex:


I calculated the sigil costs and I’ll need 20.1k sigils to get one divine to platinum and the other to Obsidian, as compared to 19.1k sigils for both to garnet. As I do like both, I think I’ll go with the latter choice and sacrifice the chests. Maybe next season.

fn: By the way, I calculated the costs with this handy calculator :smiley:


I have both, Fomhar and Aibrean. Currently platinum with both (I’m level 117). I like that Vanish cost 0, but I hate that entrap doesn’t last over rounds. It means he will be useless in wars. I have sapphire stone on him though… Don’t know if I will continue furter.

Aibrean is good.


You are just too accustomed to locked up all towers imo. Fomhar can finely take out mages and leave rest of base for follower.
Necryx has made our thinking of setup dragon unilateral i think, killing creative flying to an extent.


Are you attacking short bases? I found him lacking in short bases as you can destroy 2 or 3, but in the seconds it takes to regenerate ammo he dies most of those times. There are some scenarios depending on what you don’t kill:
Blue: you die
Ice turret or lightning: 50% the least, for him to die. No ammo and no defense
Flak, fire or red: best ones to leave behind as you can “flash” them. Build ammo and dodge reds. Kill red first and spam spells.

My FOMHAR is a baby, on gold tier, so I can’t judge him yet, but he looks very good. Aibrean is for me the best invader bases killer though, he’s a no-brainer 🤷


Fomhar is much better, it’s very easy to ward off mages shots with him because his Entarp spell is much faster than the sand on Necryx or the vines on Noctua:


I strongly disagree. If you have a competent backer he can easily setup a base. Maybe not setup in terms of having a lvl 1 ember come and destroy everything, but destroy majority of towers and make it easy work for a backer.


Avyx has no disabling spells of any kind, and no white spells either, and he is still quite a decent war lead. Fomhar has a white trapping spell, and a FREE cloak. I suspect he will be great at royally wrecking bases for a backer to stroll through.


Yeah, you might be right. I just need more practice with Fomhar then.


I am finding him exceedingly difficult to get down. On paper he’s great. Under my fingers though he is underperforming. Skill-cap seems to be pretty high at using him.


Well… I’ve been flying Fomhar a lot the last days. Now I really do like him. Still have some practice to do though…


It’s good I have both and don’t need to decide :smile: In my opinion Fomhar is for leading drag while Aibrean is for secondary. I can fly better Aibrean, cause he is probably a bit easier… But they’re both great dragons… And not forget that Aibrean was -50%


did you know how to use hunters before?