Fomhar vs Nollaig

Hey, everyone,

I’m thinking which one of this two dragons to get?
I have Airbrean finished to Garnet, First page of Oksana and Egg token bonus. Also I’m lvl 97. Breeding plat currently (rare) next breeding will breed legendary (can’t breed it earlier need lvl 100+) Have Necryx and I fly it pretty decent. Occasional I hit double and triple with sand. Is this Famhar worth it or it’s better to get this cool Warrior?

Fom Fom all the way. Nollaig is when you want Corthanak. Jk jk. Fomhar is better

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^ Think on it :slight_smile: I got Fomhar’s egg and he seems pretty good to me so far

Tony will you make a video on fomhar soon ?

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