Food bounty for feeding event to help all players

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In the upcoming feeding event just a suggestion for players who have difficulty finding food how about a food bounty on all players on attack list the food given is based on the player’s lvl or the base defense or a wars between guilds and who ever wins that war is rewarded a certain amount of food what are your thoughts

I think that if PG has to modify this event to be attractive, why not simply get ride of it and make a new event like this one suggested and supported by many players:


On empty stomach this is how it reads:

"Dear PG,

You have 24 hours to find a way to give the attackers food based on the base DP, or the player’s level, or my granny’s mood, maybe even wars could give food for the winning team. Whatever. Just give us more food!

Yours Sincerely,



I wouldn’t give them 24 hrs to get this done as I and other players on Google Hangouts discussed we all like the idea of having a bounty on us or a constant wars throughout the event

I want feeding to go along with this so the scarcity of food is non existent

Then what’s the point of the event if it’s so easy?

Well fortification event is easy for me just. Alot of people just hate feeding if it’s easy then why complain ?

You missed my point there. Your suggestion was to remove all scarcity. I’m saying that’s a poor idea.

Fortification does not remove ALL scarcity. It’s a fairly balanced one with periods of high and low availability. It means that you have to work a reasonable and NOT excessive amount. But if it was to the point you just build freely with no cost… I mean that would be pointless as well

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Well atlas team do benefit from event because of vault depending on capacity of bank if it’s lazy event let lackadaisical people have it

No atlas team has the storage to bank roll feeding event but I take the point.

I’m not against a less Grindy event every now and then. I just don’t think any variation of feeding is the answer

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Just a suggestion why doesn’t PG make attacks free. 99% of the time the attack costs more food than is raided.


Ohhh the irony of this post :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Good idea…

  • Attack cost 0 food…
  • Feeding perch equals 40x food necessary for one run
  • Feeding perch cost 0 food…
  • Less food shortage
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Me and others on a panel we discussed like the having a food bounty when attacking other players depending on player’s level or defensive power gives that amount (ex. Players with 10 -50 million defense power gives 250k-350k food) that’s just guesstimating a amount of food

What if I can clear 238M DP base with a Gold Dragon?

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hahaha, that’s another reason why some people would rather just feed their perch and not fly draogns :laughing:

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Stop comparing feeding and fort. fort uses timers, which is usually the limiting factor of fort, not wood availability…

Also, this event is easy enough already. (Stupid, but easy). No need to make it EVEN easier.


The same post is made to other threads though…
spend money but Only players who do not want to spend time😓

1 - Food Production (Harvest Hourly Rate) : 2000% up or more
2 - Food Production Boosts Protection : 200% → 500% or more
3 - Food Packs : Max 400K? → 1.5M or more (Proportional to level)
※4 - Food required for perch dragon : about 1/5
(Is it the principle to rob other players?)

A bit off topic but is there a way to boost food production while storage is being upgraded?

Nope, design flaw :man_shrugging:t3:

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