Food/Lumber Production Boost

We need to be able to apply production boosts (lumber or food) from their respective buildings, not just storage

This has been brought up before, just bumping it back to light. Only one simple statement to make.

PG lets do this.

That is all.


Especially if they decide to run the next feeding event directly after fortification again :expressionless:


You’re right. This is necessary. Hope it’s easy to implement. :+1:

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100% agree, I don’t want to speed my storage just to apply boost for event, and my storage is forever in the process of upgrading.


I did this time. And it sucked.


After storage level 54 (or so) your storage will probably ALWAYS be in the state of upgrading between fort events to save on timers.

It really is unfortunate to have to apply a production boost from a tower that HOLDS the RSS rather than the one that actually produces it.


dude, I lost 26 days of timer for this feed…thank god feed is not frequent. I don’t boost for wood though, food on the other hand is critical, and some people want feed more frequent, bless their little heart. :unamused:


While I agree, will this end up splitting storage protection into a separate boost, thus further diluting what we get in game?

Why the heck should it? These consumables have 2 parts. First, they increase the output of your farms/mills (depending on the one used). Second, they increase the amount that your storage hut protects. Since they affect two different structures, we should be able to initiate their useage from either of the structures that make use of these consumables.


A good example of this is probably Tower Boost. If we apply the tower boost through a tower, it will boost the whole area instead of one tower.

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Absolutely not. Just an additional interface on which to apply.

Think of it like adding a spell to a dragon. You can equip it before hand or through the attack menu. Same item, different interfaces

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This is one of those QOL issues that should be simple as pie to implement, and make a huge difference to player perceptions.



Ah ok I misread the idea :+1:

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I can’t understand why this wouldn’t be implemented. Players buying additional boosts from the forge to keep their production and protection increased has to be good for PG as well as the players, no?

Not as good for PG as making someone use 90 (or whatever) 12hr timers to speed up their storage.

But yeah, this should absolutely be a thing

All I’m asking is the extra boost from resources goes straight to an upgrading tower. Yes it’s nice to see extra resources when you log on and clam it. But when you work for 8 hours and then add time you are sleeping all extra resources have been raided and u are left with nil.

A tower can only be upgraded if the player has sufficient rss. So, how can this be applied?

If you’re so worried about your rss, build a base strong enough to protect it. Or leave the protection to your teammates.

I would disagree. I would hate for my RSS to be automatically applied, it should be a manual process like everything else.

I think you just want the protection part to work properly

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