Food packs in gold chest

Why is there so many food packs in gold chest recently?

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Gold chest contents depend on the event. During breeding and feeding you will get food packs. During fortification you get lumber packs. During pvp you get neither.


It means best time to open gold chest is in PvP event tq xexamedes

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Pretty much yes. Although breeding does give more egg tokens as well, and fort gives more elemental embers, so if you need those those times can be useful too.

Also @SavageAFforPG is busy building a nice calculator that can help you predict what gold chests will yield in different events, that should be available soon.


it depends on your metric, the only thing that matters for me is timers then eggtokens. This makes breeding the best event to open

Can I get some of your food packs?

I don’t think it actually matters based on event. I think pg has set metrics and it has nothing to do with events for certain items.

What do you mean? Different events definitely have different contents, I have never seen a single food pack in a fort event or lumber pack in a breeding event. Same for legendary ember drops never happening in breeding, and legendary egg drops never happening in fort.

This has proven accurate for me so far (have not opened much in pvp/feeding):

I think he means, if an item drops, it drops in the same frequency throughout all events. As in, you won’t get more sigils from opening chests during PvP events than you will from opening them during other events. Same with egg tokens, timers, etc.

I am not sure that is true, Savage has different drop rates for items between different types of events. That doesn’t mean Panda is wrong either though. Only way to be absolutely certain is if PG releases their drop rates.





after opening more than 2k chests


Is there a chart for bronze chests during every event? I have 1800 bronze chests ATM and my goal is speedups…so what would be the best event to open bronze? Egg tokens and sigils are the next priority.

bronze chests are mostly the same throughout the season, since only rare and epic drops differ depending on the event. (and those drops can be lookedup in my charts posted above)

Nice charts! Thanks for putting that together! :grinning::grin: I’ll open the bronze chests during Fortification because I don’t have to worry about the food packs or xp boosts.

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