Food Production Needs to be Increased During Feeding Event

The feeding event is over, yet I still can’t find any somewhat decent food loots let alone close to normal, normal, or good loots. With the building event, you could start finding better loots the last two days. This is not the case with the feeding event.

I still have multiple dragons who need to be fed because I was hoping the food loots would get better, and I didn’t have time to make all the extra runs needed to get what I needed to feed dragons.

So please increase the food production in the next feeding event more than you did in the one that just ended.


The problem is this event never ends. There are always perches to feed. At least with fort people eventually run out of timers or choose to stop building so you start seeing lumber towards the end. This is why I absolutely hate the Feeding event.


Allowing boosts to be used from the Mills/farms will contribute a TON to the economy. Right now I bet less than 1% of the population uses them just because their storage huts are upgrading (maybe not on here but in general)


Yeah, I didn’t use any. My timers were too precious to waste on a month’s worth of storage upgrade :woman_facepalming:

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Exactly! We can already use the Forge and Breeding Castle while they are upgrading, just make it consistent with all the buildings. The upgrade screen that shows you nothing but your time boosts is really not helpful. It would also be nice to see what’s needed for the following upgrade on a building which is already upgrading.

I have made a couple threads about USEFUL UI changes but they didn’t gain much traction and PGstaff was not responded to. Good thing they are on top of telling us their favorite foods and drinks and pets though.


People don’t feed their dragons for a while before feeding starts, so that they start the event with a bunch of hungry dragons. So it would seem that there would be a spike at the beginning of the event that would then decrease as they feed the dragons they have been starving. I know they will continue to train and feed dragons threwout the event, and will thus constantly need food. But the amount of food needed at the end shouldn’t be the same as the beginning. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Using the boosts would be ok (if you aren’t upgrading your storage like I was); but we don’t have many of them, and they don’t last the whole event. They are already increasing food production for the event, so an easy fix would be to increase the percentage they use. Seems simple enough :woman_shrugging:t3:

Well consider this. People who need the food could get a +200% boost when they needed. This provides them with 3x the food that they normally would, and the majority of max level farms would be producing this type of food.

Increasing the static buff of 30% on the weekends to 50% isn’t going to be nearly the food injection that this economy needs and it’s not necessarily at the times when people need it the most.

By putting a blanket food increase across all players doesn’t really address the protection that this buff offers either.

I firmly stand by my opinion that food boosts would help contribute way more food to the economy than a static increase unless that increase was a ridiculous amount (150%+)

One more thing to add here is that we can’t just expect PG to give us a drastic food increase. They have given us other ways to buddy our production, they just need to let us use them! Lol


The reason I was thinking more about a general increase is because you can’t find good food loots. Even if you have the boost in production and protection, you still need to attack for food.

@JJ6758 mentioned that players will always need food threwout the whole event not just for the amount of time the food boost would be active. So they would struggle to get food when they don’t have the boost anymore.

I agree that the food and wood boosts should be accessible when storage is under construction. I also think that would help players during the feeding event. However, I don’t think it will solve the problem of the food loots being too small during the feeding event.

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Here is the issue, feeding only requires food and XP. So as long as you can keep earning XP and save food, you keep training dragons.

With fortification you need materials and time (or timers) when you run out of timers then you have no choice but to allow wood and to collect in Storage or Mills. That makes the last days of the event easier to find wood.

Training events don’t have the time restriction so everyone can keep using food through the entire event. Increasing food production won’t really change that. Having it take time to finish levelling a dragon would be the only way to do it. And no one wants to have that happen…

Having small food loots makes everyone a target, not just those with a lot of food. This can make it harder to keep your food.

Having small food loots also means more attacks to feed each dragon. Add in the fact that your food will possibly get stolen because of the reason above, and it means you will have to spend a lot of time raiding for food.

Not everyone has time for all of that (or the patients to deal with their food constantly being stolen or being bounced around to prevent that, and/or the patients to deal with the frustration of attacking a base and not getting what you’re expecting. It’s hard to keep getting frustrated and continue without needing to step away for a bit.).

Correct, increasing food production won’t change the fact that people are training and feeding their dragon throughout the whole event, but it will make the food loots bigger (which is what I want to have happen). If everyone can find bigger loots, they can feed their dragons faster. If they can do that, they can get more points.

P.S. PG, that also means people may buy more XP boosts and potions. After all, what’s the use of XP boosts and potions if you can’t get the food to level the dragons (since feeding is how you get points not XP)?

Couldn’t expert and of my drag this event. Hunting for food around 20k per hit that sucks. I was thinking to max this event but don’t have that many food packs​:sweat::sweat:. Ya, it would be great if they increase food production boost during feeding event…

And some players would like this event more often. :man_facepalming:

That makes sense, except that five days into the event I had barely managed to feed half of my starving dragons. There’s just not enough food going around. Even as a lowly level 73 I can’t get everything fed despite burning potions by the gallon and getting loads of support from higher-level team members.

Mostly, I woke up with over 100k in my storage. Enough to feed anyhing other than Amarok.

At 73, we should be able to upgrade our farm to lv 29, which really helps in feeding event.

After the event, sure. I had a production boost running for the whole event, but never woke up to more than 30k. And I have over 6 million food worth of hungry dragons that never got to eat (started with around 10 million). My farms are max level but even with a boost they cough up less than a million food a day, half of which goes straight into the perch.

I meant during the event though. I only activated it twice or 3 times. When I did, it’s almost enough to fed Amarok every 20 minutes

At level 73 boosted farms produce nowhere near that much. My farms are capped at level 23, as are those of most active players at my level, and they produce around 50k/hour with a boost on. Which is not nearly enough to feed a decent level Amarok, let alone any decent dragons of current tier.

What level are you? Because if you think you can get level 29 farms at 73 I suspect you’re not there yet. Realistically you get those at level 90 earliest.

Oops, sorry. Missed one level. I was 75 when started the feeding, but at 74 I upgraded builder hut twice, enough to have lv 29 farm.

It needs 8 gold eggs, which I got from Lumen Ferrox