Food Production Needs to be Increased During Feeding Event



Really? I don’t even want to imagine how many egg tokens you must have wasted to have the gold eggs for that left over :man_facepalming: but to each their own I guess. As a non-spender I certainly don’t have 200.000 spare egg tokens to waste on getting farm upgrades a few levels earlier.


Only about 20k for 10 gold eggs. Lumen and Ferrox gives 100% rare gold eggs


Oh that does change things a bit, I didn’t realise that combo existed for eggs, only knew Mune + Gaspar. Might be worth moving Lumen up a bit in the breeding queue then. Thanks for letting me know!

Still think the farms produce nowhere near enough though :rofl:


At least it saved me in some war run. Some attacker failed to get 5 flames only because they’re not strong enough to destroy the farm, so I think it worth.


Yeah, that is what I hoped would happen, but due to the food production boost being too low, it didn’t. :weary:


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