Food required to level Leos

Context: I just reached level 150 this Fortification, with one sapphire tier dragon (Sekhem) under my belt so far. After I get Anapa in the next breeding event I should theoretically be able to upgrade all my divines with sapphire stones to at least level 32. Then it’s going to take me several months of breeding to get into garnet tier.

My Leos is currently at lv 27 with 679k food required to get him to lv 28. I’m either just at the limit of my storage building or I have to build a storage upgrade in order to level him again.

Meanwhile, my Sage is already lv 30 with 430k food required to get him to lv 31.

What’s the reasoning behind this massive increase in food requirements to upgrade divines? I’m assuming this probably goes for the other dragons this season as well.

Probably because they have mythic qualities without being mythics

Edit: you are also 10 storage levels behind (not judging just saying)


It’s a different season, so different requirements. The season dragons for this season will end up being a lot stronger than the ones for the summer season. Therefore it makes sense that there are discrepancies in the amount of food required.

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