Food rewards not granted after attacking base

After thinking I was just getting unluckily and whoever I attacked used or dumped their food when I attacked I started bookmarking targets to check them afterwards.

What I found is the base still had their food yet I got non or merely a very small fraction of what the game told me I should have.I have asked team mates and some have responded with the same experience.

Do you have a new bug that makes our least frequent event the most challenging?

@PGCoffee any chance this bug can be fixed?

It’s a bug thats been around for a while. The game shows food but the food is actually protected so you get nothing. It happens to everyone but yeah it sucks. I hate that protection bug but what can you do :confused:

Sometimes you might also be hitting someone online so they can just dump their stuff at the last second. Might be another possibility too.

I have not seen it this frequent. I guess it is a bug PG is willing to live with from what you have stated.

It’s been this way as long afaik, not sure why but yeah every feeding/fort event you have to be aware of this happening. PG is aware of it I’m pretty sure. They’ll get to it eventually but idk how soon that’ll be

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