Foods you find disgusting?


I could live without tuna fish, lengua, caviar, and calamari.


Hogshead cheese :nauseated_face:


due to smell, haven’t actually tried durians before


I love durian :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


At the moment? Everything, because I’m sick and food does not agree with me :sweat_smile:
Jokes aside, liverwurst is the liverWORST thing I have ever tasted. Anything having to do with clams gets a big ol’ middle finger from me as well.


Isn’t that supposed to be super delicious but the smell makes your nose burn? I may be thinking of something else lol


might be a question for @Sam :rofl: have never tried it before

Some places have actual no durians allowed signs.


Wow that’s crazy :rofl:, Never thought I’d see fruit be banned


Durian’s not half bad.

For me, I can’t eat cilantro. I have that thing which makes cilantro taste like soap.


Durian doesn’t stink if you like it. It has a creamy texture and is sweetish. It definitely is an acquired taste since my siblings don’t like it either.


How about oysters? I eat them raw by the dozens. :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


They’re all yours, mate :nauseated_face:


Poor guy, you’re missing out. It’s the only animal I know of that tastes better alive than dead. :thinking:


Rosemary. It reminds me of pine needles.


Rosemary is only really good for cooking or if you use it for scents to make the house smell good :thinking:


My family likes it on chicken and turkey. I feel like it ruins anything it is on.
It would probably be nice as an incense.


Try this one



Then you should eat it in a different way. Here we have various food combined with Durian.
Now you make me want a glass of Durian Shaved Ice


Only thing I agree with so far is the caviar … tried it once, twice, and third time. Kept thinking it was a fluke that it was so nasty. :rofl:

Never tried liverwurst. Where do they even serve that? :eyes: