Foods you find disgusting?


Me too. Cilantro makes Asian food yummier. :drooling_face:


I think Cilantro was invented for pico🤤




You find that disgusting? Prefer foot with toe fungus then :face_with_monocle:


Actually … its the other way around, but ppl say its disgusting , what i do


Edit: Don’t wanna be a bad influence on the younguns. :sweat_smile:


Thanks for ruining ice cream



And I USED to eat B&J Chunky Monkey, before they took a political stance.


Sorry bud … I’ll keep the lid on the peanut butter story then. :grin:


Undercooked egg whites. Oysters. Clams. Jiggly things that ought not be jiggly. Just sayin’


Durian cake is honestly amazing; I hate the fruit itself but you really should try the cake :yum:


Duck… any type of duck (style of cooking, I mean) makes me wanna puke :duck:


No I’m fine with ground beef, just no steak lol


I love squid and shrimp and lobster! Delish! But I absolutely hate oysters and I’m also allergic to lactose and gluten so not that many foods that I can enjoy but I enjoy seafood whenever I want to.


Home made kraut is a whole different experience than canned / jarred. Just saying.

Like with most things


good steak?




Suddenly got time to read old threads? :eyes:


I fall for the “suggested” threads all the time. Really should pay more attention but should be working.



Shrimp and dill :face_vomiting:
I could live of tomatoes, pizza and Pho though :smiley: