Foods you find disgusting?


Do people eat orchids? It’s only for garnish …


No liver


there’s pizza…as made in NY…then there’s this greasy pan made pizzaish thing they make in Chicago… u can’t just make up a pizza style for every city :man_facepalming:t2: Detroit style…looks like a Sicilian to me


Childhood nightmares…

Still nightmarish :face_vomiting:


Alrighty- as a Chef I really WILL try anything once…with a few exceptions:
No fish. I’m allergic. I can eat crustaceans just fine though.
soups with eyeballs in them
Pigs feet, ears
Dog or cat or horse
Persimmon- cant stand the texture




then I suggest that you try the soup no.5 I mentioned earlier… lol =D


Not fond of the idea at all. But maybe if I wasn’t told it was brain I’d be ok with trying it.


I relate to this, if I didn’t know what it was I’d eat it.


It’s like Sicilian pizza, but uses very specific ingredients and technique.

It’s similar! Though that’s like saying all thin-crust pizza is NY pizza, which just isn’t true. NY is the master of the plain slice, but other regions (like California) have taken thin-crust and done some terrific things with it.

The main difference between Sicilian and Detroit pizza is the pan and the use of brick cheese. Brick cheese is pretty fatty/oily so as the cheese melts the oils help fry the dough a bit, which produces different texture.

Most chefs I’ve met have that same attitude.

I have eaten most of the things on that list (no dogs or cats).


Ayeee Detroit is my homeland. Pizza is #1 there :wink:


Y’all definitely took that style and made it yours. Much respect.


We try XD


So you have tried horse…? I find that slightly disturbing lol


Don’t you try to remind me :nauseated_face:
There is a dish called Horse Torpedo in my country, which I don’t want to eat at all…


I’ve been to places where eating horse isn’t super weird. Not something I’d do again since I’m vegetarian, but definitely an interesting experience.



That one is yummy :yum:
One of my favorites…
Try to eat it with chicken porridge…


Haha yeah I understand cultural differences. I ate stuff I couldn’t recognize or name while living in Japan as a kid. But who would want to eat something so cute and lovable? :joy::joy:


it tastes good but i cant stand the yolk