Foods you find disgusting?


I mean, I think cows and sheep and fish and stuff are cute as well. I used to eat them. Now I don’t. Past Jared has done a few things that Current Jared doesn’t really approve of.


Oh my… That’s right up there with Rocky mountain oysters… Makes me want to get sick


What is that?


There is only one part of horse, which can be called “torpedo”… :rofl::rofl::rofl::nauseated_face:


I’m just gonna go ahead and delete that one…


Err… Am I missing something? Escargot is snails bathed in yummy garlic, butter, and cheese.


Try sauteing in garlic and olive oil or roasting in the oven with cranberries, pecans then drizzle a tablespoon of balsamic and real maple syrup and add a little Gorgonzola or feta cheese on top


Durian’s a seasonal delicacy where I am. Some people like it, some people don’t. Personally, I like it, but leave a durian in an enclosed room for an hour and it will STINK. I find it quite nice and creamy in reasonable portions, too much and it begins to get cloying.

It’s really an odd fruit.


Another thing that I don’t like: Barbacoa. Mostly because of what it is and how it’s made, where I’m from it’s made from a cows head that you stick in the ground and most people use all the parts (tongue, eyes, brains, etc). Every once and a while I’ll give it a try and then I remember how it’s made. We even have a festival here where people do cookoffs for it and people can buy others recipes.




Have you ever had grainy watermelon??? It is the worst thing in the universe. It’s even more terrible because i LOVE watermelon but I’m fearful of getting some that has the consistency of wet sand. You cant even tell the difference between sandy ones and nonsandy ones so whenever i am offered watermelon i have to ask someone else to taste it to see if it’s going to kill me…

Anyone know a way to tell the difference or make sure the watermelon doesnt turn out that way?


I was making a funny :grin:


You can kind of tell by the sound of the mellon when you thump it before cutting into it. But it’s a lot harder to tell if all you have to go on is the cut up piece that’s presented to you. I don’t have a trick for telling with cut up watermellon besides to take a tiny nibble to try it :laughing:


I think strawberries are cute. I still eat them. Hahahaha


I think Pineapple pizza won…


Never tried pizza with pineapple toppings…
(Used to have pineapple in fish dish)
Guess I need to try that sometimes…


Vietnamese hot and sour fish soup has pineapple in it :drooling_face:


Pineapple on pizza is amazing. Especially with bacon and banana peppers!


What I made the night before while drunk. And I thought it was a good idea. Reheated pasta noodles overtop fried eggs with cream of mushroom sauce. Gross! But I ate every bite!


Here in my town, we have meat dish made of Monitor Lizard’s (well, in the same genus as the so called Dragon / Komodo Dragon…)
So it can be said that anyone can eat dragon here :grin: