Football fans matchup of the day I'm watching this game

I knew Sherman was coming to the Buccaneers the game is the
Buccaneers vs the Patriots my question to you is who you have on this match up as I was born and raised in Tampa Bay so you know I’m a Buccaneers fan

Good for you…

Dude chill :crying_cat_face:

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Seriously, don’t you have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok for this crap?

Why bring it here?

Glad you’re watching your matchup. I refuse to watch any paid wokealetes. I don’t get to express my views and opinions using my job, why should they?


Being a conservative FB banning people like us I don’t do social media that’s why

This for sports fans

It’s ok to bring here, since this off topic I’m fine with it. That should be a good game, but I’m a redskins fan , and to me their still the redskins.

Raider nation, nuff said

Well my Buccaneers won off a DOINK still my team won