For Levels 35-40: Get a (F2P) Mythic by Early 2020

Hello everyone! For those of you still in the Player Level thirty-five to forty, this is a strategy I spent a while on yesterday making. It’s using the basic skipping seasons plan, but slightly modified. As promised, the Mythic I mention here is entirely free as long as you follow these steps. Calculations of Sigils and Rubies earned per week, per Event are based on my own rate for my level, so see the below list of statistics I will be utilizing:

Rubies Per Week / Per Event About 3,700. Rounded up to the nearest thousand the number comes in at around 4,000. Total number is 3,725.
Sigils Per Week / Per Event (In ONE Season (in this case the Winter Season)) Approximately 1,600 - 2,000. Most common earnings per week for the fifty days I played during the Springblossom Season was 1,755 roundabout.
Player Level Advancement Per Week Leveling up at about one level per event and a half. Excluding the rapid advancement that comes with Fortification Events thanks to building new stuff as those are outliers.

With that out of the way, let’s look at the actual numbers.

If the rate of Ruby earnings levels out you should gain around 65,000-80,000 Rubies per season, so in three seasons (starting now) you should have about 108-120,000 Rubies. (For me, I will have earned around 201,150 Rubies).

So, if you save them up until the end of the Winter Season at which you can buy Super Sigil Chests, you should be able to (using the amount of Rubies I calculated) press the ‘buy ten chests’ button 40 times, which amounts to 400 Super Sigil Chests. (I don’t have the exact number of Sigils you’ll earn from that because I don’t have the average of Sigils earned every time you buy ten Chests.) I did however manage to come to something of an approximation of Sigils earned from that, and the number is about 126,000 Winter[name] Sigils.

Without the Chests, using the current rate of Sigils per week that I have, you’ll come in at about 30,000 Sigils per Season (which is good, because it means you can actually max something out even without spending Rubies). The actual number, by the way, is approximately 31,590 (for me, at least). Adjusted for advancement of leveling and slow progression / uptick in Event point earnings, you can get around 42,675-51,215 Sigils (per Season)

Compiling the Sigils earned from the Season (and we’re only counting the ones earned in the Winter Season because they don’t carry over from Season to Season) and the Sigils bought from Super Sigil Chests, you should come in at around approximately 167,675-177,215 Sigils earned that Season, which is WAY more than enough Sigils to get a Mythic and enough to significantly progress in other Branches, such as the Festive Dragon or any other Dragon should you choose to get them. Also, if you’re just a bit higher level than I am right now, you could potentially close the last 2.7K Sigil gap there and make it to getting BOTH Mythic Dragons, which is great.

Anyhow, I hope this helps! Remember, the real enemy here is patience, restraint, and resolve. I wish you guys luck in using this strategy in the coming months!

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Spending that amount of rubies on super sigil chests at those levels will only hurt your progress. Saving up rubies for that long will also hurt your progress.

You should use the rubies for gold chests to do well in events, which will get you even more rubies and progress, eventually you will be able to get a mythic every season without needing to buy super sigil chests.


I never get anything from Gold Chests and I don’t want to be perpetually with low Rubies. I just presented the total numbers you could get, I never said I intended to use that many Rubies. I will use SOME. But not all.

The average sigils from 10 super sigil chests is 1100 sigils, so from 400 super chests you can earn around 44k sigils. 126000 seems too much.


There’s also the matter of the 5,000 Sigil rewards though

just giving you my opinion dude, every line is 140-150k rubies (30k) sigils, at your level you would need to spend over 200k rubies to get a mythic. Anything over 50k rubies to get a mythic is probably a waste unless you are a spender.

Also gold chests gives you a ton of progress, how can you say you never get anything from them.


because I have bad luck? I haven’t gotten a single sigil out of the forty that I opened at the beginning of this Season


But you got other items? Speed ups, egg tokens, pvp items… All those are essential for progress


This morning I had someone told me he started level 30ish, didn’t spend a dime besides elites. In one single season he ended at level 130ish and with pathox. Maybe you should ask him how he did it.

His name is MurderbNumbers of team AngelsnDemons.

Buy the way he is already lvl 232 after two seasons, all supposedly as e2p.

This seems very unreal. I dare say he is lying to you about it, but I suppose it can be done? if you play all day every day? Idk seems far fetch…

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:flushed:. Bringing out the :popcorn::popcorn: and waiting for the response to this. :eyes:


These are very good and real numbers. Keep doing what you gonna do man.

There will be a lot people tell you to spend them and “do well” in events. They don’t understand as low level we are simply not possible to do that well in any minor events. Our towers are cheap, our dragons are cheap. We can’t earn sigils consistently like them.

If you choose to get a mythic early, this is the only way. Otherwise level to 200, join a great team and you earn sigils a lot faster.

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The 5k sigil reward is so infrequent at best you might get it 2 or 3 times in 400 chests. 44k is the appropriate estimate to use when trying to plan this out. Besides the 5k drop isnt included every time they have run sigil chests.

Yea great idea because higher levels have never felt the pains of being low level. We just magically got there. :man_facepalming: You should learn to listen to other people’s experiences and try to learn something from it. That will help you avoid the pitfalls that so many of us long term players have fallen into.

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If you wanna take a gander.

As for the op, the general philosophy of saving rubies over seasons for getting mythics is a common strategy, but as others have posted, there’s a few errors in your math and assumptions. While you could make a case that spending the rubies on the sigils to finish the lines which gives speed ups, chests, eggs and embers do aid progression, it has less than gold chests, Bc not only do you get the sigils, but you also get valuable rss in addition to just the lines that aid your progression and performance. Everyone has a different philosophy though.

Me personally, I would spend however many chests and rubies are necessary to get the discount during the discount period (particularly on the pvp for pvp rss for the rest of the season) and then the egg line Bc it’s soooo helpful for your progression. After that then don’t spend anything (meaning chests and rubies) for the rest of the season (although I open my bronzes on pvp, others save).
For a season that I’m going for the mythic, I get discount, egg, and then open chests and rubies on the forts of the season Bc embers are scarce.

Chest drops aren’t random. They’re from a drop table.


I believe it’s 1 in ~900 or so you will get the 5k sigil drop.

It all averages out to around 107 or 108 sigils per chest

I do understand, that’s why I’m trying to help him avoid something I think he will regret in the long run. Some people thing that a mythic is instantly over power but they are not that much greater than a legendary at lower levels. Spells is what truly makes the difference, and there are plenty of good legendary dragons coming out these days.

For reference, my roning and pathox stand at about 1.3b with almost full max gear while my necryx is about 1.2b.

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What maths did you even try to use on this?

200k rubies is equal to ~42k sigils


Thanks for the correction. I wasnt positive but knew it is very rare. I know I’ve never seen it myself when opening sigil chests. I sure would like that 126k from 400 chests OP thinks he can get lol

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