For really any benefit

With the newly learned information on the towers. And the fact there’s a Max Dragon Xp Level Cap. Is there really any benefit to upgrading anymore? Level 60 towers mean nothing. Mythic dragons are useless and crazy expensive in egg tokens to breed. Seasonal dragons that work well if you can afford to get them to emerald. And the same old content roll out. I absolutely love this game. But after the last few days they have completly broken my heart. If you look at all the stats is it even worth playing anymore? Please someone change mind lol.

A very very small proportion of players get to end game status. If you’re not even close why are you bothered? I won’t get there and I’m not bothered by that. I’m having fun flying new dragons, making new friends, working with my team and kicking the crap out of bases far higher than my own level. So, it all depends on what you find fun! If you really don’t find anything fun then I suggest move onto another game! It’s just a game after all… :joy:

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I am reserving judgement until after the spell rebalance and the new tower/dragon rebalance that has become necessary due to 3.90.

I am extremely patient but I believe that will be put to the test here. :joy:


I completly agree. My issue is I’m sitting at lvl 274 and I don’t know why lol

These king of the mountain games all eventually run into the same issue: getting too big for their britches. The one and only way they can be sustained is by offering lateral progression, which is Atlas. Ideally Atlas would have been released a year ago but not being ready the additional tiers were introduced as a stop gap. In my opinion this is why they intentionally funnel players into the slow breeding paths, to keep the “most valuable” players occupied while they work on new content. You need to come to terms with this, and realize there is no end and you cannot rescue the princess and win this time around. Enjoy it for what it is, fly what you can and work on your base and your riders and gear, your primarchs, and I am sure we will have other toys to play with soon enough.

The release of new tower levels is the most boring and the most blatant money grab in the game.
No new tower skins, no upgrade/change to their supershots, absolutely zero imagination.
They change a few numbers and people throw money at it.
No wonder we get bored when we fly against the same towers for over two years :expressionless:

When I started playing and saw those “high level” players with their shiny golden five-barrel cannons, boy was I motivated to get my towers to level 15 and look badass.
Now it’s just changing digits every fort event…


you’re absoutly right. There’s no imagination anymore. It’s cookie cutter

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