Forced update causing issues with banners

Defend and join banners are all sorts of screwed up after the forced update that added the new mythics to the den and castle. People are unable to reliably defend war runs and entire waves have gone through undefended because of this.

@PGGalileo in game forced updates aren’t supposed to interfere with the banners. That’s why when major updates happen everything is turned off (atlas PvP, castle shields up, wars blocked). So what’s going on?


was a soft update which everyone has to reboot there game if it did not do already for them

Totally agreed Kat

not everyone got the force reset or added content sadly as my leader did not he had to reboot manually

This exactly. The soft reboot failed for a lot of players.

Force close and restart.

Edit: If you cant see the new dragons, reboot.

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Give the reboot a shot and let me know if that works!


I could not defend propey… shields .swords and hammers

@PGGalileo It’s happening AGAIN. Restarts do not fix it. Wars and atlas are being affected. This has been going on for HOURS. If you’re gonna bloody update, disable atlas pvp and wars. Cause right now even internal updates are seriously screwing with things.

(I say you in the general sense. My frustration is not with you specifically :kissing_heart:)

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I had joined 3 defends and I couldn’t join. The last one was defending my base…
I think this is wrong if you ask me and we should be allowed to defend our team mates…
Also we should be given some good prizes for PG mistakes…

@PGGalileo Issues like this is why wars are disabled prior to them, and maintenance bubbles are put up in PvP.

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I agree, wars should have been shut down as well as atlas PVP. Whatever they’re doing to try and fix this isn’t working.


I have players on two teams specifically who cannot do their war because they cannot get backing. War should be cancelled. PvP bubbles should be early. @PGGalileo

EDIT: Wars are still being declared. Can we please get an official response?

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Hi folks, we released an update here: Update: Issues With War & Atlas Attacks (5/6)

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