Forced updates please


I still do not understand why we have 24 hours before everyone is forced to update their games. I am not sure if the development team is aware but certain teams base declares specifically around updates.

The issue that arises is people who have updated their game cannot defend those who have not and vice versa. Teams are aware of this and exploit this mechanic to its fullest. I will not name any specific teams but they know who they are.

Just do us all a favor and force everyone to update at the same time.

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Agreed. This is unnecessary and does cause a lot of war headaches.



Believe it or not, apple doesn’t make app updates appear for everyone at the same time. I can’t claim that I fully understand their distribution system, but I’ve had people sitting at the desk next to me have the update appear and I don’t see it in the appstore for a few more hours later. ***

Generally, we don’t trust that the update is available for everyone until 24 hours after the first person sees it. Once that 24h window has passed, our process is to pop up something forcing everyone to upgrade.

We can’t pop up the screen before then — when we’ve tried, a bunch of people are just locked out of the game and can’t play at all (which is an even more unfair way to lose a war). People who are in this situation start FREAKING OUT and do a bunch of bad things trying to fix it — we can’t have that happen to a bunch of people every app update.

I agree even this solution isn’t great. But… given all the different constraints, I think we’re doing the most reasonable path. We’ve pointed this problem out to Apple a few times, and are hopeful that they make the distribution system work in the way we’d like. Honestly I’d be surprised if they prioritized this project – I doubt many other apps are complaining about the issue because War Dragons is one of the very few apps where this kind of thing matters (e.g., I doubt it matters to Candy Crush or Spotify if the app comes out slightly different timeframe for different people).

*** If I had to guess, it’s similar to the delay found when DNS entries update through propagation ( ) or when CDNs take a long time to distribute their update to all of their servers (…-cdn-spdy-ssl/ ). But that’s just conjecture.

Version 4.70 Release Notes
Version 4.70 Release Notes
Re: Application updates
War attacks not counting.... again

So essentially we should just be quiet and deal with it while being taken advantage by lesser teams? I don’t believe you understand the gravity of the situation.

Wouldn’t a scheduled maintenance where wars are disabled be a better alternative?


There is no good time to roll out an update. Either there will be wars, or an event.
His explanation makes sense to me… honestly seems like Apple’s fault, not theirs. Don’t know why they can’t release the update across all devices at once…


I understand the issue but I don’t understand the solution imposed. There are other alternatives that would prevent lesser teams from exploiting the mechanic imposed by it.

Even pausing current wars and preventing declarations for a 24 hour period from the moment it is released would easily solve the issue.


So why not lock out war for 24-48 hours. At least that way, no one can exploit the update to win the wars? @pgCampusLifer. I think this is easier to control on PG side than depending on when Apple Store or Google Play releases the update


I see forced updates having other issues. Currently Google play/war dragons has a bug causing people not able to update without a third party download…this sometimes take a day or so. With being a forced update, that means no wd for some time.


Yeah I can’t survive being locked out of war dragons for more than like… three minutes.


Organise your team into 2 groups, one that’s updated and one not. The other team has the same problem as you - if they have updated and you have not, they cannot defend you. I don’t get why you don’t see this as an advantage that you can exploit. It all evens out if you know what you’re doing. Get strategizing!


Except that in many cases team members devices auto update when on wifi and it is impractical to ask half the team to roll back their whole device. Yes you can ask the team to turn off autoupdate but that affects other apps as well. I don’t use my device only for the game.

If incompatibility is the issue then allow the two versions to join runs or count the defence point? I can’t see them suspending wars every time there is an update…


I’m not looking for a strategy to counter the issue. I am looking for a hard fix implemented by PG themselves @pgCampusLifer


Well if they locked wars. Another thing that would help. Not having 5 day long events :unamused:



I’ll give you the honest answer: We’re not going to do that any time soon.

That suggestion would add so many constraints to our development process that it’s impossible to justify that it’s worth it. I understand the current situation kinda sucks, but the suggested change would slow down our development process so drastically that almost every other priority would move drastically slower — and we’re already getting complaints that not enough things are getting done fast enough.

Maybe at some point far, far in the future where there aren’t many things left to fix in war dragons, and we don’t really care how quickly we do releases, we could commit to doing something like that. That won’t be any time in the foreseeable future.

Program updates and war attacks
Program updates and war attacks
Updates should be mandatory at login

The smarter solution would be to make all current versions of the game inter-compatible. There is no legitimate reason why a slightly older version cannot interface with a newer version. In fact, outside of war dragons I have never run across a single application where minor revisions are incompatible between versions, except in cases of paid update software where the authors are intentionally making the versions incompatible so that they can charge for updates.

In the case of war dragons, since updates are free there is no motive for them to do this on purpose. therefore I think it is much more likely to be incompetence than malice. Maybe they could take some classes on how to write agile resilient code, or else hire a real programmer, and solve this problem forever?


Another solution, assuming hire a real programmer isnt an option, would be to simply implement an update schedule.

Non-emergency updates could always be pushed out during the treasure hunt phase of a PvP. that lasts a whole day anyway, and an update during that time would have no effect on war or event.


Posting @pgCampusLifer’s reply in the old forums:
"Joining interactive defenses is a separate issue. TL;DR: Unfortunately, there isn’t a perfect solution to that problem. For now, our policy is that you aren’t guaranteed to be able join every interactive battle within 24 hours of an app update.

Longer version: We can’t allow people to join interactive battles together unless they’re on the same version of the app (e.g., one person’s app has a new tower / dragon / spell and the older verson of the app doesn’t… if one of the players uses a spell which doesn’t exist in the older version ---- explosion!) The natural fix to make that problem go away is to force everyone to be on the same version of the app at all times — except Apple/Google servers don’t show the app update as visible for everyone at once. While some people see the app update within 30 minutes of release, other people lag up to 24 hours before they see the app update available in the appstore — so we can’t force everyone to upgrade until 24 hours later."


I don’t think you could make them inter-compatible. If a new tier of dragons is released with brand new spells and someone defends with a different version of the game where those spells and dragons don’t exist, what would happen? Crash.

They already disable wars for events, so disabling them for a 24 hour window that they know will occur since they submit the updates should be fairly easy. I’d rather have no wars than messed up ones.


Wow. That explanation confirmed my suspicions that the app designers for this game have no experience designing apps. A WELL WRITTEN app would not have that problem. In fact, it would not be necessary to release a new version every time a new tower came out.

To put it simply, a tower should be defined as a class. The class should inherit certain cannonical properties (e.g. health, attack power, super attack power, range, rate of fire, graphics resource identifier, etc) dynamically at load time. The properties should be stored in a database which is queried by the client at the time the data is actually needed (e.g. when a battle starts). That way when max tower level is increased from 60 to 65 (inevitable), the game would merely fetch a new row from the database. No change to the code or behavior of the game would be required to implement this.

Dragons would be constructed in a similar manner. The prototype dragon would inherit health, attack power, a spell word, and graphical resource identifiers.

Adding a new spells and special abilities is a little trickier, since it would be impossible to write a prototype spell class that could encompass all current and future spells and abilities. However this type of problem is routinely solved by using dynamic code libraries. The library would contain routines for each spell and ability with the code to handle that type of specific event, such as the casting of a fireball spell. When that fireball spell event occurs, the runtime engine would pass control to the fireball event handler which would draw the necessary artwork and calculate the damage dealt and then return control back to the runtime engine.

These are not complicated problems to solve. This is well established programming practice. This is the kind of thing you get when you hire a real programmer instead of someone who went to one of those 90 day coding boot camps and got a certificate. Well, this and also apps that don’t crash every 10 minutes…just saying.


Once any app/system has been in production long enough, the risks to making changes can easily outweigh the benefits of good practice. If they were to redesign from ground up, which would be extraordinarily costly, I’m sure there are plenty of lessons learned, but the vast majority of players aren’t going to praise or care about how their code is structured :smiley: