Forced War - thoughts?

I don’t think the change in Wars will change much. There are too many allicances, too much to lose etc. from taking part in wars.

Sooooo, what if PG randomly allocates teams within your league to War against each other twice a week.

This means that you’re not picking to fight against people but are being forced to do so, much like Gladiators.

If you choose not to fight, both teams lose points.

Rip apart as you please.


Everyone hates doing wars, so your solution is to just make them do it anyway? Uh, NO.


wars are fun lol but why dont u discuss on the topic about war changes ?

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No thank you? War is pointless for many. The game force opting me into something I don’t want to do would most likely drive me away. (and the cheers go up when that happens.)


I thought it wasn’t relating to the war changes, but an alternative.

Why does everyone hate wars? It’s just 1 run (7 at the most). Now no defending for tie breaks.

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and no defending might mean your team gets creamed? Players still have to amass and defend like crazy for waves and 24 hours…


I’m not necessarily against the concept of forced wars, but in a different style than you discuss.

I’d rather have the ability to choose whether or not to war, but be automatically matched up against someone in the same “power” bracket as your team is instead of selecting your targets.

No, its the 24hr surveillance of defense banners that are what kills it…


And I would add, in order to do that effectively it interferes with xp, token missions, glory and gold runs for said 24 hrs. Even if you have “teams” of defenders rotate so folks can do some runs.


Preciously. That is why I hate wars. The less I have to stare at my screen doing absolutely nothing but watch for banners the better.


They’ve created the new Atlas structure based on Dragon strength, so they would definitely have the ability to do the same for wars with aggregated base strength.

My reasoning being that it would make the whole league structure more fluid. I know they have promotions, relegation etc. but the whole thing feels quite static. I’d like it to be more dynamic.

Maybe they could add a 30% base boost during wars but disable defends or something like that.

Interesting idea, especially now that they have changed some of the mechanics. Wars can be fun, but often they’re just a time-sink at best, with little-to-no reward for the investment. Like others have said - I don’t want to be forced into a situation that costs me time and resources, but will not really give me any tangible reward for participating.

I think incentives for winning a war need to be addressed even more than the war mechanics themselves. Then this would be a moot point.


And it’s worse if you play on an iPad instead of an iPhone… no “vibrate when invited to defend” option :sob: I mean you can click it on but it literally does nothing since iPads don’t HAVE the device that lets iPhones vibrate installed in them :crying_cat_face:

So iPhone users can at least stick their phone on vibrate and not have to stare relentlessly at the screen. No such luck for iPad users :sob::sob::sob:


If you wanna do war every day, go for it. Nothing’s stopping you.

You still have to defend if you want to win against a reasonable match up. They can try your bases seven times and you want to make them use as many of those times as possible, and you want to shoot down their first dragon before 35-70% if possible to deny the sixth and seventh flames.

Why remove choice and control? Random war opponents and forced wars would just force more follow on “elective” wars to readjust league standing to the desired place. Removing defenses to make war less onerous would also remove much of the challenge and some of the demands on team activity.

Rolling a die to give everyone their new league standing every week would make leagues more fluid and be much less tedious, but it’s dumb.

All the “no hit” alliances are stopping us.

I can completely understand having alliances in Atlas but I don’t understand why this bleeds over into the main game

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no hit alliance should be only for atlas I guess you shouldnt be blocked from wars which are out of atlas . however I dont know how your alliance rules work

They all bleed into the main game, wars, pvps etc.

I put my phone on a glass table so when a banner comes up it rattles the whole table :joy:. That does suck for iPad users tho. You do not have a choice but to stare a the screen all day.

So you want to remove choice so you don’t have to negotiate an annoying rule with your allies or fight one of the other half of teams?

I don’t think it’s a good mechanical solution for what sounds like a social problem.

Yeah I’d quit.


I find it odd that, in a game called War Dragons, no one wars.

Not just because of alliances, there are other team to War against but we don’t do it. We don’t get declared on, it seems everyone hates warring and I don’t think the changes will have any impact on that.

What I’m suggesting (and I’m amending my views as we go) is a solution where teams have to war in order to progress in the game. Put a larger emphasis on wars for league position but make them more user friendly.

Defending is clearly the biggest issue with wars. If they/we could figure out some dynamic where defending wasn’t required that would get rid of that as an issue.

That was why I mentioned the 30% base boost/disable defends for wars OR maybe some kind of option to set your SS so they are automatically applied in wars without you having to join.

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