Forcing players to update?

Don’t we usually get that “you must update the game in order to play” kinda message after the release of an update before they shut off the update bubble in atlas?

Sniping or pirating is generally fine by myself and the most of my team as we mostly don’t let any of them to have successful gp hunting as we tend to get rid of their prims faster before they can finish their attempts, but the message, something about that you can’t join due to update, I get whenever I tap the banner to join atlas defense neither feels good nor sounds right as it is more like exploiting the game in between updates instead of an actual game mechanism that currently includes pirating and sniping.

Blocking all attacks has been the solution as pg doesn’t seem to be able to manage to deal with people who exploit this both in atlas and in wars. I don’t see a legit reason here for pg to shut down the update bubbles before they enforce everyone to update at launch of the game. Especially when they could just prevent this exploit by having longer period of update bubbles until they are sure that the update is approved in app stores in all countries.

Just hoping they will… before the start of day 2 in the event.

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It certainly shouldn’t be a thing that teams deliberately don’t update so they can hit in Atlas and avoid picking up defenders.

Hmm… maybe I should start doing this too as my mains’ usual targets, (some of the) top 50 teams, get me 1-3 defenders all the time. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

I mean… I don’t like to exploit the game, if it actually is an exploit rather than sh1t-designed game mechanics, but if pg is not going to prevent anyone from doing so systematically(op referred it as update bubbles) or privately(banning the exploiting accounts), I should be fine to do it too… right? :thinking:

Ever think that folks forget to update? It’s also pg fault yes for not forcing but that is why you also work with it some folks update and some don’t in one of my old teams we did that way to prevent this they will be forced to update either today or tomorrow but you always got to keep in mind that people are human’s and forget to

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don’t forget that not everyone receives the update at the same time. It also depends on Apple / Google.

the force update usually happens if PG has confirmed that Apple / Google has completely released the version update.

So between people not being able to play for 24 hours because they didn’t receive the update to people who cannot defend attacks, I think not being able to play for 24 hours is much worse. You can’t defend either way and you can’t do your daily stuff in the game and probably will screw up your team if they have a strict rule.

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the OP did mention

just saying. not defending him nor am i against u.

It would be easy to redirect unupdated apps to their store to update and use the 24hr update period to explicitly say “update now or you won’t be able to access the game without updating in (time left with an active countdown timer)”

Sounds reasonable enough. But it’s pg, bud. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl: adding this feature might add another bug along with it.

nah not a feature they do it after a couple days

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