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@PGCrisis - What is the possibility of adding rider’s gear to the forge? Can you look at possibly adding that to the lvl7 forge? As of now, there is no incentive to increase your forge past lvl6. And as atlas isn’t open to those of us in platinum, it would allow us the ability to ready ourselves for atlas.


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I think the best answer to this is to get Atlas rolled out to all the platinum teams already :laughing:


Without elemental shards having access to the gear forge won’t help you…


Or scrolls.

However I think they are asking for gear that you could craft with non Atlas items such as wood/food/time/etc

I wouldn’t be against it, but it would probably be common items that are not upgradeable and cost a LOT of time in the forge to craft (think weeks per item) and are generic for all elements. It would be weak compared to anything offered in Atlas, basically a get your feet wet for new players and show them some mechanics of how gear and riders work if they don’t get the gear for a season line.

Either way putting something for the forge at level 7 would be nice. Perhaps some new spells or resists to forge?


dont give them ideas… im fine with my low level forge lol

48hr timers :thinking:

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Shit, my Forge is still level 3 :rofl: :t_rex:


13hr timers!


I think one second timers would also be helpful! :joy:[quote=“Tinsir, post:9, topic:50256”]

48hr timers :thinking:

13hr timers!

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