Forging elite gears sequence

I heart that we have sequence to forge elite gear very quick. If any one have thst plz let me know

Gear does have a sequence yes, but it’s so incredibly long that it’s not feasible to sequence, and that you might as well consider it random


3 weeks i am still waiting for boots…

Yea sometimes it takes weeks and the other day I got 2 elite pieces in 4 tries.

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My fire defense helm came after I gave up. Close to 3 months I think. However… I was also crafting other items. The drop can be stolen by other crafting items. So if you really really want a specific item you could just craft it over an over again until it appears.
There is a chance you may end up with more than 1 though.


So from my own experience, all the gear is in one sequence. Which means, if you craft nothing but boots eventually you will get 1 or 2 elite boots. However, if you craft stuff besides boots, the elite drop may fall on one of the other pieces, not the boots.

Really it is your choice whether you want to just let it fall as it may or just craft multiple of the same thing over and over until you get an elite or two out of it. I personally don’t as it seems I can get more elite pieces of a set faster if I craft 5 different types at once.

That said, I believe there are many stretches where you will see 100-150 crafts without an elite drop. It happens but it rarer than say 1 in 70. Just be persistent and keep at it.

Oh, and what we did find out before they blocked the achievements updating on craft, the type of gear is determined when you hit craft NOT when you collect it. So anything about it is “shinier” or “flashing more” etc is just your mind tricking you. As soon as you hit that craft button and the 3 hour countdown starts, the game already knows what rarity that piece of gear will be.


I can confirm this - I’ve had a few occasions where I would speed up a piece of gear, collect it (and therefore know its rarity), and then have the game glitch and restart back to the point before I sped up the crafting. Always the post-glitch rarity was the same.

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