Forging evolve stone's


Hello players of war dragons
I am asking if anyone would be interested if PG put in a update in the forge part of the game a spot where you could forge for evolve stone for your season Dragon’s that you unfortunately didn’t get all the evolve stone’s for that way you will still be able to evolve and level up the dragon that you missed all the stones for I for one would like for this to happen because if the dragon you have now comes back into season you won’t want to get the same dragon again but you will want the evolve stone for the dragon. It can work both ways for PG and the players of war dragons by putting one spot in the forge where you can pick one dragon to forge the stone for when the dragon is at the evolve stage the forge takes 21 days unless you use speed ups or rubies to get the stone to forge faster. I leave it up to you now players of war dragons would we like to see this in the forge or not


This has been brought up a million times and will receive a big fat NO
Why would you want to spend speed up on a dead and obsolete dragon??
Any mods please close this thread @ModMat @Psarus


2 min read time, evolution stone question, it’s like clockwork

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There are so many posts on reviving old evolve stones that it has gotten really old. Please use one of the existing threads to post your ideas. There is a handy search button in the top right corner of your screen. Please use it.

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