Forging gear and event

Do people want for atlas event to forge gear or are people doing it all the time? I’m trying to be more efficient playing and not sure if I should be waiting or not.

I forge all the time and only upgrade during the event.


If you need a lot of gear for all of the different elements you should be forging all the time. Plus it counts for an Atlas quest. Make those big upgrades during the event for points.

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Thank you!

Winning plan.

Yep. Me too.

For the OP, forge all the time! Upgrade the Elite you forge during the crafting event.


It depends on where you are at with your crafting resources.

If you need to craft gear for event points because you are out of shards to upgrade gear with, then you shouldnt use all of your scrolls before the crafting event starts.

I forge during event and speed up with rubies as needed. The ruby cost is surprisingly reasonable. Maybe PG missed a digit or something because it still costs 1500 rubies to breed 1/1200th of a useless lineage dragon, but you can sit there forging gear for 183 rubies each with a decent probability of getting legendary or elite.

Whenever I need a whole new line for a new rider, I just keep forging and speeding with rubies until everything is legendary or better and then spend the rest of the event upgrading those pieces (without speeding). Usually costs about 3000-4000 rubies for a complete line of legendary or better.

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